How do we win the war for media and creativity?

This blog post first appeared as an editor in the 50th issue of our Tech-i magazine.

We need to invest more in our future than ever before to ensure the future growth of public service media and to use the limited resources available to international media companies. This is because of the talented people who are at the forefront of our organization. EBU’s Director of Technology and Innovation, Antonio Arsidiocono, writes.

We must continue to intensify our efforts to make progress. Defensive attitudes, which are a common response to difficult times, may not motivate our efforts. Only by providing a vision for growth for the younger generation can we gain the confidence needed to move forward with a strong and lasting future in the future.

A new generation

We are engaged in a battle of talent today; Winning that war requires a new generation of young media scientists, engineers, technologists, and innovators. This generation of digital natives is not limited to working in a single domain, which in the past chose their academic path. Their common human background is based on the importance of trust, strictness and superiority, an open and curious mind and an understanding of the ability to engage in in-depth analysis.

We are now looking for new talents, ideas and innovations on the fringe to build our future and ensure a sustainable and ever-increasing flow of energy. To begin with, we need to focus on collaboration between EBU members, our T&I team, and European universities and other private institutions interested in media innovation and related educational activities.

More importantly, it actively encourages the creation of new curricula in media creation, such as postgraduate courses or vocational training. In addition to technical training, such courses should stimulate the creativity of the younger generation by focusing more on media knowledge to develop basic skills in developing and managing media content. As we move toward more immersive practices, including the opportunity to participate in the virtual metaverse, citizens should be encouraged by the knowledge that enables them to dominate the media they use rather than be controlled.

Human ability

The idea of ​​combining the development of creative and technological skills does not mean that everyone should shine at the same time in technology and artistic creativity. Rather, it is about promoting positive dialogue in all human endeavors. (I say this as an engineer in the spirit of creativity. I have studied the piano for many years. Will come.)

It has become more important than ever to use the tools to support our new workflows accelerated by the CVD crisis and to impart knowledge and skills to every university student and indeed any citizen to interact in this rapid change. Media world. This important media has a strong impact on how R&D & I are structured. We must actively assist in developing reference strategies and related technologies that will get you there.

This new ability to attract, reach, communicate and advocate represents greater growth opportunities for society, restricts false information, improves civic education, and gives greater public voice. We must take steps now to not only determine the future of our young people, but also to actively participate in the democratic evolution of society.

Finally, this is an exciting and inspiring challenge to inspire and guide new generations to renew our world and renew our future!

PS I hope you enjoyed the 50th edition of Technology:I. Significant changes have taken place in our industry since 2009 (see pages 10-11). Let’s see what we can achieve in the next ten years by pushing the digital transformation forward!

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