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A.D. The government’s plan to turn off gas heaters on new homes by 2025, and the rest of the UK by 2035, has made millions of Britons think about heating options. As a result, there is currently a lot of focus on heat pumps.

Heat pumps

The government needs heat pumps for new construction, but to be effective they rely on the best protection or the heat does not last and fuel costs are high – so it focuses on new housing stock. A.D. By 2025, the gas boiler ban will only apply to new construction because construction regulations can be adjusted, which will ensure the availability of heat shields to implement heat pumps in terms of construction and finances.

Heat pump costs

An underground heat pump costs between £ 11,000 – £ 15,000, and an air source model costs you between £ 5,000 – £ 8000.

It is fair to say that for most homeowners in the UK the current price is still not affordable. For comparison, the average price of a gas combi boiler is between 500 1,500 and £ 3,000.

Installation of heat pump

There is a shortage of skills for tradesmen who can install heat pumps, and 80% of engineers say they do not have the current training, so additional training courses are needed.

Heat pump durability

The heat needed to run the heat pump from the mains is sustainable if it is generated by the sun or wind (renewable). Last year, half of the UK’s electricity (47%) was burned at gas stations by 38%. Modern gas space heaters are more than 90% efficient, so it is something to consider if you are trying to evaluate the environmental data of heat pumps as an alternative.


In order to rely on heat pumps as a sustainable alternative to heating, there are many things to consider – whether it is possible to find a loader, and whether it is currently affordable.

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