Honda Autonomous Work completes vehicle prototype test

Honda and Black & Veatch have successfully tested the Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle (AWV) at the Black & Vatch construction site in New Mexico. In a month-long field test, the second-generation Honda AWV has been involved in a major solar energy project; These include towing activities and transportation of construction materials, water, and other supplies to pre-preparation. – Set destinations in the workplace.

Originally introduced as a concept at CAS 2018 in Las Vegas, Honda AWV combines the company’s unique and state-of-the-art on-the-road platform. The result is a new category of potential work vehicles that can be deployed in a variety of dynamic work environments. The Honda AWV uses a variety of sensors to operate independently, GPS for location, radar and lead detection obstacles, and stereoscopic (3D) cameras for remote monitoring. The vehicle can also be operated remotely.

Black & Vach, a global engineering, procurement and construction company focused on construction facilitation and technology innovation, in partnership with Honda, to provide Honda AWV technology with a real-world testing ground for active construction. The company’s staff has been trained by Honda engineers on vehicle operation and safety protocols to use the technology effectively in the sector. Black & Vach provided detailed feedback on the product and business requirements for improving the capabilities and services of Honda AWV.

“Black & Veatch’s innovation and workplace safety have led us to this relationship with Honda,” said Mario Azar, president of Black & Veatch International Energy Business. “As a market leader in solar energy, the testing of this new autonomous vehicle is in line with our focus on advancing the industry using new and innovative ways to work on project sites.”

“With our test partner Black and Vach, Honda has been able to demonstrate our fully-automated prototype prototype performance in a large construction environment,” said Kenton Williams, United States head of the Honda AWV project in the United States. “We believe Honda AWV has the potential to bring superiority to the construction industry, higher safety standards and better environmental performance and to other industries looking for off-road solutions.”

The Huscovarna team and Briggs and Stratton arrived at the settlement

Husqvarna Group and Briggs & Stratton, LLC (B&S) have reached an agreement on the supply of cutting machines. Under the terms of the agreement, B&S will provide most of the engines needed before the 2022 season. The parties also agreed to continue the improved supply chain for the 2023 season.

Husqvarna Group predicts ‘negative financial impact in 2022 due to motor deficit’ The company is no longer expecting that loss, but the lawsuit against B&S has been dropped.

“By 2022, we have achieved satisfactory results to protect our customers’ products,” said Glen Inston, acting president of the Huscovarna Division and CFO Huscovarna Group.

SiteOne University to host academic courses

Citon University has launched Expo educational courses in Business, Irrigation, HardSpace, Pest Management, Agronomics and Golf, as well as a platform for participants to learn and interact. The event will be held on November 30 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., 20 p.m., East, as an imaginary event.

Landscape professionals should plan to register online by November 29 at

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