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If you are around Aquarius and Maldano and you don’t feel like introducing her interest and interest to golf to new people… Well, you may fall asleep faster if you miss it.

Her hands move, her head bobs, her eyes light up, and her smile shines. Her energy comes as she discusses how to bring golf to Latina in Southern California. Maldonado’s spirit can be felt even through a computer screen.

As the founder Latin Golf Players Association LGA’s commitment to this search is a model of local success and may soon be national. The US PGA has also been a strategic partner with the LGA, and the Southern California PGA has been supporting Maldonado’s work for more than a decade.

“It’s a 13-year journey. Love labor, that’s for sure, ”she said, sharing her story for the Spanish Heritage Month, showing how the game can be introduced to traditional golf folklore.

Expansion with the help of PGA

With some innovative efforts, LGA now considers thousands of Latin languages ​​of all ages as graduates and members. Maldonado is expanding nationwide and is assisted by PGA of America and PGA units across the country.

LGA’s relationship with the Southern California PGA Unit was crucial to its success. The PGA members who support LGN are among the best in the area. And when women are looking for individual education, those same P.G.

“We’re lucky to have a few people who really like to grow the game and bring new people to it,” said Nicki Gach, general manager and assistant executive of Southern California. Participating gives us an opportunity to teach women what PGA is, what we do, and how we can help them.

With the help of Southern California, Maldonado launched a Latin leadership team that housed leaders from all walks of life through a golf boot camp. The women learn basics and ethics from PGA members when they meet other Latin leaders.

And as Maldonado’s influence grows, so do opportunities. She was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the Southern California Golf Association, and to the National Advisory Board of the California Alliance Golf Executive Board and the Golf Course Supervisors Association.

“It’s a testament to who she is and what she did and the influence she had,” Gate said.

Fall for the game

Born in Mexico and raised in Houston, Maldonado moved to Los Angeles about 15 years ago. About a month later, she was interviewed on the day of her golf course, got her first essay and spent some time on green practice.

She soon spent a few days a week in the course or in the driving range and eventually graduated with 18 holes.

“I like it right away,” Maldonado said. “After that it was completely submerged. I was playing, I was learning ethics. I was watching the golf channel, I was watching the PGA Tour, the LPGA tour. I was stuck. ”

A few years after playing with only a few golfers he knew – all the boys – Maldonado were invited to play in a charity event. It opened its eyes to new people and the great golf world. A newcomer to Southern California should not have made new friends just because of his love for the game.

But Maldonadon was amazed at what she had never seen – women, especially Latinos.

True, she asked why so few women played, and why there was no one on her growing golf team. The men, delighted with the large number of women, told Maldonado to join their friends.

“That’s when I got it,” she said. I did not know any women who played golf.

Making a difference

Always motivated – never complaining – Maldonado went to change that. A.D. In 2008, she emailed her Latin network of women in business, politics, and society. Encouraging them to participate in the game, there was a networking event on the golf course.

That first event brought 94 women and “three wise men.” As Maldonado made her voice, she heard familiar themes from women – they did not know how to start, they were afraid of courses and they felt that golf was a crowded game that did not accept people like them.

Maldonado made him realize that he had to be more welcoming if he wanted to have more Latin. So, in the name of LGA, she wore golf clinics, outings, competitions and even fashion shows. Since all events are held at Southern California golf courses, women feel more comfortable and familiar in the facilities.

Although the first event was a success, it took time for Maldonadon’s vision and masterpieces to be built. The women repeated their concerns, but Maldodo continued to sell his benefits – golf was a network opportunity with business and community leaders, and the course was where contacts and agreements were made – he was also Fun!

Creating a financial pipeline

LGA also sponsors golf courses that host group events and trips. At first, it was difficult to wait for a place to host Maldonado, but as its name and reputation grew, it became easier.

Still, she remembers those who helped her from the beginning.

“When we start, we remember who received us and helped us,” said Madonnado. And as we grow, we become more loyal to those courses, and we introduce them to our people. These are places where we play regularly. We want to give our business to those places, and we have to give more. ”

And soon, you can offer that business across the country.

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