Here’s how Nyobench revolutionized management training

New Delhi [India], September 3 (SRV Media): neoBench (Learn From Anywhere, Learn Anytime) In 2021, IT Business is a certified IT company based in Trivandrum, Kerala, in the beginning of India and Kerala State. neoBench is a cost-effective virtual learning platform for public organizations, private companies, educational institutions and other organizations to train their employees, partners, customers, students and all stakeholders.

It is a centralized technology that embraces the ability to integrate with social and formal education for ease of use, decoration and coaching. Gaude Business Solution aims to make the user experience friendly and accessible with the help of SaaS.

Ideal for any organization, the management solution is built with a seamless web interface on PHP and .NET and hosted on the AWS cloud. The company focuses primarily on developing solutions for education, health, finance and business. Gaud Business Solutions looks forward to exploring business opportunities in Central Asia, Africa, the United States and the Middle East to offer skill rating courses in 2022, as well as to launch.

Using Neobench, a trainer can conduct unlimited live lessons, upload videos of recorded training materials, easily share training materials, assign homework / projects, and perform a variety of activities such as a discussion forum and one-on-one presentations. Feedback.

Sumush M. Nayer, co-founder and IT director of GAUDE Business Solutions, said, “In the context of the transition to a digital platform for educational institutions, we intend to easily anticipate the relationship between educational institutions and businesses. – Accessible training forum. Neobench serves as a one-stop shop for all training needs in many industries. Despite the epidemic and its implications, the team worked tirelessly to create a perfect model. To make the forum accessible in different countries, we need not only to increase the base of our customers, but also to invest. “” We will continue to integrate e-learning tools with the website to train staff, customers and all stakeholders at any time. Any business without any surprises, ”says founder Dania S.

Gaud Business Solutions identifies the sectors that Neobench has invested in in each country, including finance, education, health and safety, automotive, construction, mining, petroleum, government enterprises, agriculture, transportation, retail, telecommunications, tourism, energy and industry. Management.

As COVID-19 caused locks around the world, schools, colleges and all institutions were closed. Various aspects of everyday life have changed, including the unique origins of e-learning in remote and digital platforms. About 40% of those who choose front-of-class training before COVID-19 are in a difficult situation with training. More than 51% of organizations are still trying to shift their classroom training to other formats.

Sumesh M. Nair is the co-founder and co-founder of Gawz Business Solutions, Technical and External Marketing. He has 14 years of experience in the IT industry from programming to digital marketing solutions and is the editor-in-chief of blockchain magazine NextTech. The founder of this startup, Dania S., runs Gawus Business Solutions. He is also the Director of Business Development at Anandhu G Group. To increase their efforts, Gaude Business Solutions is looking for an active customer for investment opportunities and expanding its customer base.

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