Here comes $ 90 oil

On Sunday, Goldman Sachs raised the bar on forecasts, calling for Brent Duff to hit $ 90 a barrel by the end of the year. This is $ 80 from the previous call.

Wall Street Bank expects US crude barrels to reach $ 87 a barrel, up from $ 77.

Goldman Sachs Strategies notes customers: “While we have a long-term view of oil,” the current global demand for oil is beyond our expectations.

The company’s recovery from Delta’s alternate global demand is “faster than our forecast” and its global supply is “short of consensus forecasts.”

In other words, higher fuel prices could rise. That means gasoline prices may go up.
The national average is $ 3.19 per gallon. That’s $ 3.15 a month ago and $ 2.19 a year ago.

Brent Powder, the world standard, jumped another 1.5% to $ 79.25 on Monday. That will see Brent go on the busiest road since October 2018.

U.S. crude collected 2% on Monday and traded at $ 75.45 a barrel. That is the highest closing since October 3, 2018.

The latest breakthroughs from Covd’s start have been marked by a remarkable recovery, as American confidence has fallen below zero for the first time. Oil fell to $ 40 a barrel in April 2020 or $ 115 below current levels.

The outbreak has forced U.S. oil companies and OPEC to cut production sharply – and much of the supply remains offline.

Goldman Sachs said that the current supply deficit “will, in our view, in the coming months, because the size will cover both the willingness and the ability to launch OPEC.”

The White House has called for an acceleration of OPEC + production, a call that has yet to be heard by the Saudi-led and Russian-led manufacturers’ unions.

Goldman Sachs, meanwhile, said the recovery of US oil was “just beginning.”

U.S. oil supply was cut off by Hurricane Ida, which swept the Gulf of Mexico offline. “It must have been the largest hurricane in American history,” said Goldman Sachs.

Goldman Sachs said this would pave the way for oil reserves to move to lower levels from 2013 onwards.


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