Here are 9 reasons why Lisbon’s Yvon Myers love this new sport

Yavon Myers, from Liberian Daisy Dog Academy

I am very proud to be a World Level 2 teacher at Canine Hoopers and I think it is a growing dog sport. There are many benefits to this sport and not just for dogs.

Canine Hoopers World Mission Statement

“Canine Hooper World The world was created to bring a holistic movement of hops to dogs around the world. They work together as a team to explore a series of hooks, barrels and caves, dogs and their supervisors.

Build self-confidence by working in partnership to have fun.

So why do you have to deal with your dog?

– Work as a team that is very important to your relationship

– Mental stimulation for your dog, helps to build attention for struggling dogs

– Exercise for you and your dog

– Build confidence in your own dog by creating freedom as your dog learns to work away from you

– High energy dog? This helps to build stability and burn that energy!

– Any dog, any breed, can do it from the age of six months, so it is extremely versatile

– No jumps, sharp turns or climbs on equipment that could harm your dog

– Amazing preview for our dog to give them a better understanding of our feet and body

-Finally, because it is very exciting.

I feel safe for our dogs

Dogs do not jump in the same way as fluency courses. Instead, we have ground-level hooks for the dog to pass through, which means the course flows more efficiently than a narrow course that is not considered safe for our dogs.

There are no high-impact devices such as dog walkers or frames, but they change direction around the barrel and run through caves much longer than knee-highs, so large dogs should not bend over to cross them.

Meanwhile, this sport has a low impact, so any dog ​​can grow from a six-month-old puppy to a very large dog.

If your dog is efficient and is now a little too old for that high impact equipment, then the hooks are for you. They love the joy of learning without physical influences.

You don’t have to be an athlete yourself

Unlike other sports, you don’t have to be an athlete and run with your dog, this sport is to build your dog’s confidence, although you can run with your dog if you want to raise those levels!

We can build your dog’s self-confidence, so they are learning to work from a distance, and they are still working as a team as you guide your dog around the lesson with your gestures and voice to make sure they follow the right flow. If you want, you don’t have to do the race yourself. This makes it more accessible to people of all ages and people with mobility problems can still cope with their dog and get involved.

Building endurance – and having fun

If you have a young dog that struggles to stay focused on anything for more than a second, this will help build their strength as they learn and, more importantly, have fun.

This fills in, giving more attention to other areas of life that are important to the dog and its owner.

Nerves benefit from the experience as dogs work with you and build self-confidence while walking.

Like all lessons, it’s always so easy to draw information if it’s fun, and Hooper is all about entertainment! It’s not a race-hour, it’s a place where you and your dog work together, learn together and do it at your own pace and have as much fun on the road as possible.

Hooper is featured on Crufts, a fast-growing sport that gives people and dogs the same feeling of joy and happiness without having to work hard.

It was first introduced in the United States and has become a worldwide favorite with undoubted benefits for dogs to enjoy.

Give them the wonderful things they can do with your dog when they get the attention, love and attention they need.

We have an amazing growth program to continue to grow and grow as a group that is very addictive.

So why not go together and see what happens. Our beginners Hoopers will start a new term for the five week course on September 27, when the evenings come, something exciting can really lift not only you but also your dog, you will have a great time.

Visit for details.

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