Henkel and Macco Garrett Leander received the MEA Lifetime Achievement Award

Heckles and Macy’s Hall of Fame receptionist Garrett Lekander

His action certainly saved her from serious injury or eating in the fire.

The MEA Energy Association (MAA) is honored to present Hankels and Macy’s laborer Garrett Lekander with the Lifetime Achievement Award to save lives.

On Saturday afternoon, November 21, 2020, Garrett Lekander saw a house on fire as he was leaving work. He knocked on the door and saw that an old woman was in the house and could not open it. He went into the house and told her that she had to leave. She did not want to leave the house, so she took Garrett out. The house was destroyed, and the owner lost everything in the fire. His action certainly saved her from serious injury or eating in the fire.

“It is a privilege to give this eternal life to Garrett,” said John Gan, senior vice president of MEA. These awards serve to highlight those who have been called upon in the energy industry and who have made a difference when given the opportunity to do so.

Henkels & McCoy Inc. Founded in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, it has been a member of the MEA since 1997.

MEA Life Sustaining Prizes are awarded to individuals from member companies who have saved the lives of others. A service of honor is awarded to those who have committed acts in the service of above and beyond. Applications for the MEA’s Continuity and Good Service Award have been reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee of the AEU. Read about all MEA awards at https://www.meaenergy.org/membership/awards/.

Contact John Gan, johng (at) MEAenergy (dot) org, or (651) 289-9600 x105 for questions.

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