Help needed – Women in renewable energy. It saves the planet and its economy, research has found

At a time when the world is in the throes of a catastrophic cycle, perhaps some of these challenges can be solved at the same time, mainly on fossil fuels.

Last week’s catastrophic climate change in New York City and in New Jersey, as well as on coastal Louisiana, is a big reminder that we need to minimize and slow down.

To do this, we must end the economy without increasing carbon emissions, and many scientists say we also need a “negative carbon” system that eliminates CO2 from the atmosphere.

The good news for the economy is that “the ongoing global energy transition will provide an opportunity to create new jobs and reorganize all aspects of how energy is produced and distributed,” reports the World Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). By 2050, it is projected to grow to about 29 million.

How do President Biden’s infrastructure accounts meet these needs? “This is a lot of work plans,” the Vice President and Director of Public Relations at Ceres, a non-profit organization that focuses on long-term sustainability, told my podcast electric ladies.

Bill’s Infrastructure Plans, Kelly said, are “four of the challenges facing the administration.” The first is the post-epidemic reality, the second is the economic downturn, the third is the climate crisis, and the fourth is the inequality and racial inequality and the imbalance of the environment and other disadvantages of low-income communities. From color. ”

“The general theme of economic recovery is climate change. So, it is an infrastructure and a work plan, but there is no doubt that it will intentionally solve the climate crisis in many ways. ”

Help is needed – women in renewable energy

To drive this climate-friendly economic growth, IRENA’s report says we need more women — and more — in renewable energy. Currently, women make up only 32% of renewable energy, which is 22% better than fossil fuels. But women are still far behind in science, technology, engineering and math.

We want the skills and creativity that different talents bring, so “Gender Equality… Women give important perspectives on key decisions, from investment priorities to project design,” Irena reports.

Because the renewable energy sector needs talent in the supply chain: from utilities to engineering companies, from private energy producers to startups, policy makers, regulators, educational institutions and at the community level: “Renewable energy industry must be involved and sustained. To meet the growing demand for skills, many women – and promote them, ”Irena’s report urges.

Women’s “leadership and contributions will be crucial” to ensure that future power systems meet the needs of modern societies and will not leave anyone indifferent. It is a top priority for both the public and the private sector.

The August 2021 work report showed growth in at least one key area

While many have expressed disappointment with the August 2021 job report and the strongest growth prospects in the past few months, one sector is the gateway to economic growth and a clean economy, and that sector has increased jobs this month, at least slightly. . Transportation and warehousing increased by 53,000 jobs in August 2021, and women hold more transportation than they did a year ago. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), women will account for 25.1% of transportation in August 2021, 24.5% in August 2020 (and more than 25% in July 2021).

Kelly: This sector is critical to climate change – “We must follow the major sources of emissions. Therefore, the (Biden Infrastructure) plan is to really change our transportation system, to sell our transportation system for electricity, to buy electric vehicles, to build electric vehicle infrastructure, to revisit, to re-find some jobs – generators. ”

It protects us from losing power – and creating jobs

We know that we will have more severe weather events and that they will get worse. Think of a hurricane on steroids. That means we all have to find the “smart grid” we have been hearing for years.

“Grid modernization … If you contribute to a clean energy economy, you need to improve the grid and make it more responsive,” Kelly insisted. “It’s all entrepreneurial.”

We must not repeat the Texas ERCOT group mentality, so we must ensure that women have an equal share of these activities. Our lives depend on it.


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