Haryana – Four hired to inhale toxic gas, dies | Guragon News – Indian Times

Gurugram – Four people were abducted on Saturday while clearing a water well in the village of Nimka in Nuh. The villagers smelled bad and the men went down to the well to clean it, according to police.
The four men – Jamshid, Sahid, Jakir and Yaya – were employed in the village of Hanif to clean the well. The first one, Jamshid, soon lost consciousness. Sahid, Jakir, and Yaya went downstairs to examine him, and they too became conscious. Hanif, who was standing outside the well, rang the alarm and farmers in a nearby field rushed to his aid.
Hanif also lost consciousness when the farmers arrived. As the villagers called for help, four men were dragged out of the well. They were taken to Noah’s Civil Hospital, where doctors died. Hanif said police were treating him at the hospital.
Bijhor station station officer Ashovir Singh said all the bodies had been sent for autopsy. “After the autopsy, we will hand over the body to the family,” he said, adding that no complaints had been received.
“There was confusion and confusion. Bad smells were coming from the well and people were hesitant to come forward for help. As a result, the rescue operation was delayed; Says one villager.
The villagers wanted the well to be cleaned, but they had no idea that toxic gases could enter.
A recent government report found that Noah’s groundwater was highly polluted and unsuitable for drinking. The report found high levels of chloride, nitrate, manganese and calcium, as well as lead and mercury, which can cause cancer. About 78% of the district also has salt groundwater, the report said.


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