Harvest Awakening ይመለ Returns to the Center

A white flower surrounded by red maple leaves. Photo by Gerd Altman

Sometimes I go to bed at night. The extreme heat and humidity I live in the middle of the Atlantic weighs heavily on me. To get into depression, I start to slip. I prefer to check out rather than go out of my way to practice. I go in activities but I do not invest. Everything is slow – my spirituality, my creativity and my level of energy.

And then somehow, I start to wake up again. I was working at the dining table early last week and I noticed that the sun was setting. I changed my mind when I realized that doing something beautiful in the warmth of my home – an echo of autumn and winter. All of a sudden, I saw the year roll in front of me again and slowly, like a clearing of mindless slides. Since then, I have been trembling for my summer fall. Some people love winter, and I enjoy the joy in it. For me, I love the other three seasons here in West Maryland. The first hint of the coming harvest is like a breath of fresh air in a crowded room. It cleanses my mind and disturbs my spirit, bringing me back to life.

If you experience a similar harvest, there are some amazing ways to use the feeling of rejuvenation. The witch’s season is upon us, of course! Autumn and winter are a good time to lay the foundation for a plentiful, constructive foundation.


Some of the lyrics to the three-dog night ‘Mom didn’t come’ play out in my mind during the summer quake – “Open your window, let the air into this room!”

When I was a child, my mother taught me the power of “air circulation” in a house. It is a powerful stimulus that reminds us that fresh air is one of the natural blessings of elemental air Change. In our home, we fall into repetitive patterns. The air and the energy follow the same path over and over again. Unbeknownst to us, we will finish the construction on repeated roads – dusty and messy, of course, but the thoughts and feelings we have poured out. If the temperature in your area is low, open windows and doors. Turn on the fans and give fresh air to your home. Receiving primary air contact into your room, apartment, or home will help release stagnant, stagnant energy.

When the windows are open, consider adding some active cleansing to your space – they are creating a way out of thoughts, feelings, and energy that are no longer useful. I like to smoke home-grown herbs (my favorite lavender, broad leafy greens and patchouli) and I want to walk around the room smelling of cleaning smoke in every room. For this you can use a stick or incense stick. If smoke clearance is not an option for you, sound is another powerful way to break down the stagnant energy. Grab a set of tingshas, ​​a clear-bell bell, or even a small breeze and call your place. Don’t forget to clean yourself once you’ve cleaned your place – we all get a little angry sometimes.


For me, the big part of the dark season is summer work. If that is a new concept for you, summer work is a lesson we take in the twists and turns. This year, both Gentile series Tray Munwood and Grandmother Magic are enrolled in the Witchcraft Temple. I have found that new information, attitudes, and experiences have had a refreshing effect on my spirituality. Winter work should not be particularly spiritual. Learning a new craft or acquiring the necessary skills can be a great way to replenish your creative juices. Think about what you want to learn – are there areas of in-depth study that invite you? Is there a craft or art that you want to pick up? Look around for resources. Some of us grow up in class settings. Some of us do well in personal study. One of the silver lines of the epidemic is the fact that many courses are now available online, from Enokia Magik to Cricket.

Realizing that the harvest season is on the horizon reminded me of all the things I love to do as the season turns dark: hiking, gardening, visiting parks, hitting some of your own produce, and so on. Check your calendar and block certain days for local adventures. You don’t even have to choose what the adventure will be like before – set aside some space to go out. Sometimes a “bucket list” of falling activities can be helpful. That way, when you hit the adventure day, you can easily choose from the activities you listed earlier.


Another thing I like to do when the weather changes is to restart my house a little. Just as opening the windows and letting the wind blow can change energy, so it can clean and tidy a little. Without shaking the summer fog, I looked around and realized it was time to clean up a bit: the windows were covered with dog-nose prints, the coffee table was cluttered, my closet was over my clothes for more than a year, and I didn’t remember the last time I cleaned the spider web from the corners. It’s time.

There is a deep center that comes as we forcefully enter the new part of the curve. Even though the outside world throws at us, we know that our Holy One – our own safe, holy place – is ready and willing to meet our needs. Take a moment to look at your location. Is there a way to make it more comfortable? Is there a way to further support your life and style? Are there items that are out of place or stored? Consider a fall reset. If you are struggling with cleaning, I can tell you the design I use. I wrote an entire blog about rebuilding my house last fall – check it out here.

And, of course, the last,


It is easier to put a new pattern in place by rewarding the qualities we want to see than by punishing those we do not. Have you opened the windows, or adjusted your location? Are you enrolled in a course or have you picked up a new book? Reward yourself! Think about your favorite flavors during this time and grab a snack. Or, go to a thrift store or a second store for some new altar decoration or soft clothing for the coming cold weather. Remember, ‘All acts of love and joy are my rituals.’ There is so much joy as we open up to the changes of seasons and the blessings of the natural world.

So, are you also shouldering the fall of summer? What do you look forward to in the future? Or how do you support a deep connection when we go to the inner spiral? Hit me in the comments.

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