Hanti – The middle class has paid the price for Biden’s socialist agenda

Despite the number of vacancies, commodity prices continue to dominate as commodity prices continue to rise uncontrollably. The Delaware Democrat is promoting and implementing the agenda, and that tab goes directly to the staff room.

On “Hannibal”, the host listened to the 2019 stump speech in Peterborough, New Hampshire, in Binden, where the Democrat promised to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies and responded to a question about fossil fuels. , Number one, – number two [companies] They are responsible for what they do. “

“It’s not a joke – I’ll throw them in jail,” Biden told the man.

“Does he want to put oil executives in jail? The world economy is the blood of life. Oil, gas and coal are still the lifeblood of the world economy, if you can get cheap, clean energy. ”

Haniti said today’s inflation, supply chain crisis and gas prices were the result of that promised policy.

“That’s what Joe promised to do – it was all about design. A.D. In 2019, he sacrificed blue jobs and promised to destroy the oil and gas industry in the name of climate change.

Due to the shortage of manpower and supply chain crisis caused by Binden’s management policies, oil and gas are the keys to a successful market – and that is what is lacking right now.

“Now, not only is everything more expensive, but it can take months to arrive by mail.

Complicated job status woes, Haniti continues, Internal Revenue Service wants to mix more than $ 600 in bank accounts to track transactions under the upcoming Human Infrastructure Act.

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“Everybody buys … more than $ 600, Democrats want to know about it,” he said.

“Are you going to give your son or daughter $ 600? Demes want to know about it … why? So they figure out a way to pay taxes and dry you up.”

“Green New Agreement Socialism is not cheap – and therefore they need new and innovative ways to pay for it.”

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