Guided power tools fire painful but non-lethal radiation: Are the same devices behind Havana syndrome?

If Havana’s syndrome is the result of deliberate electromagnetic radiation, the US government and other foreign workers will be exposed to such attacks until governments take such precautionary measures.

A television reporter responds to the heat of a U.S. military operation. Paul J. Richards / AFP via Getty Images

The latest episodes of Havana Syndrome have hit the US and Canadian diplomats and spies. They include two diplomats in Hanoi, Vietnam – who disrupted Vice President Kamala Harris’ foreign travel program – several dozen reports at the US Embassy in Vienna in early August and two pairs at the White House last November.

The cause of these phenomena is unknown, but estimates of electromagnetic radiation in US centers.

If Havana’s syndrome is caused by radiation, it will not be the first of its kind. As an aerospace engineer and former vice chairman of the US Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, I have directly examined power. I can personally verify the effectiveness of self-directed power tools.

A.D. A study by Havana Syndrome at the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine of the United States in 2020 found that more than 130 victims experienced some physical phenomena, possibly due to electromagnetic radiation.

These events began in 2016 with reports of a large number of staff at the US Embassy in Cuba, Havana, following a series of shocking and unexplained symptoms. Symptoms include pressure, loud noises, severe headaches, nausea, and confusion. In some cases, the victims appear to have survived permanent health effects.

Scientists from the Cuban Academy of Sciences have rejected the report of the American National Academy of Sciences and reported the symptoms to psychological effects or to common illnesses and conditions. But based on my own experience, led force seems to be a plausible explanation.

Here is how these rays affect humans.

At the correct wavelength

There is a very large electromagnetic wave, which is determined by the wavelength, which is the distance between the ends of a series. These waves can interact with a wide variety of objects, including the human body.

Six-row colored chart
The electromagnetic spectrum extends radio waves into gamma waves. NASA

With short wavelengths, several hundred billion meters, ultraviolet rays from the sun can burn the skin if exposed to prolonged exposure. Microwave waves are longer. People use these every day to heat food. Microwaves transmit energy to food molecules in food.

Black Green Four-Wheel Truck Large Rectangular Antenna Loaded on Roof
The U.S. military has developed an active debate system that allows people to microwave. U.S. Air Force

The U.S. military has developed an advanced power technology that can detect at least one mile of long-range radiation. This guided energy technology is designed to control the population indefinitely. When these waves interact with humans, they pass through the skin and transfer energy to groundwater.

I had the opportunity to jump on one of these systems. I stood half a mile from the source and the beam was on. The radiation-exposed part of my body warmed up really quickly, and I immediately got out of the trunk. It was as if someone had opened the door of a large furnace next to me.

Demonstration of military activism.

Even at long wavelengths, electromagnetic radiation can interact with electronic systems and can be used to disable computers and control systems. For these waves, the interaction with the material generates electrical currents and interference fields in electrical systems. The military is developing these technologies to protect against drone strikes.

Identification protection

It is plausible that electromagnetic radiation emitted hundreds of yards at the right wavelength to produce the symptoms of Havana syndrome. If this is the case, then these rays may be interfering with the electrical activity of the brain and central nervous system.

For example, the effects of free radicals include microwaves that stimulate the senses. Other studies have shown that microwaves can have a detrimental effect on the central nervous system, such as reduced response time, social deterioration, and anxiety.

Further research is needed to determine the cause of Havana’s syndrome. Unfortunately, this type of electromagnetic radiation does not leave a trail of sunshine, making it difficult to confirm.

Although the findings of the National Academy of Sciences have been released to the public, federal agencies are working to clarify the situation and determine who is responsible.

Although it is similar to responding to cyber-attacks, the government may refuse to release large amounts of information to the public as it may specify ways to identify and prevent attacks.

If the source of Havana’s syndrome is electromagnetic waves, in principle, buildings can be strengthened. However, it can be expensive and still make people vulnerable outside the home.

Probably the best way to prevent further attacks is to know. Installing sensors to detect electromagnetic waves on buildings and vehicles is relatively easy and inexpensive. Such sensors can be used to identify the source of the attack and thus serve as a warning.

Havana syndrome is the result of deliberate electromagnetic radiation, and the United States government and foreign workers are vulnerable to such attacks until governments take such precautionary measures.

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Ian Boyd, Professor of Aviation Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder

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