GSBB launches three school short-term engineering certificates

Media Credit – Grace Heroine | Assistant Photo Editor

Certificate programs include 12 credit hours, including three essential courses and one option in 11AS.

The School of Business is partnering with the School of Engineering and Applied Science to issue three new postgraduate certificates this fall.

Officials have announced that business school graduates will be able to pursue certifications in crisis management, energy systems management and environmental systems management starting this semester. The certificates will further strengthen the cooperation of higher school students by providing business students with the skills needed for their future careers, officials said.

Dean Anuju Mihrora of the School of Business said the certificates meet the needs of critical engineering and technology skills in the current business world. Mehrotra said the school’s partnership with SEAS will address STEM knowledge issues such as climate change and technology.

Each certificate requires 12 total credit hours, including three essential courses and one option with SEAS. The Business School currently offers 12 out of 27 graduate certification programs in STEM, including those added by officials.

Mehrotra said: “In order to continue to benefit our students, it is important to break down the syllables and create a common, multi-faceted perspective that very few schools have spoken of.”

Officials said the three certificates have been under development for about a year.

Crisis Management Certificate helps students identify emergencies and develop plans to respond to environmental and public health hazards; Environmental Systems Management Certificate provides students with knowledge of environmental standards around the world.

SEAS Dean John Lach said the certificates provide an easy way for interested business students to pursue STEM and encourage higher education between the two schools.

“We are now presenting everything to the students in a way that they do not want to guess,” Lach said in a statement. We tell them, here are the classes that fit your program well and prepare you to be a leader in the middle of the 21st century.

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