Grow up for businesses when the Energy Efficiency Program begins at Northeast University

Due to the new initiative supported by Northeast University, businesses need to increase energy efficiency.

The University of Tessidid in Middlesbrough is offering free courses to help SMEs audit and save energy across Europe.

The courses will be presented in support of EU SMEmPower Efficiency funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program to help European businesses develop their capacity to implement energy conservation measures.

The courses will be presented by staff at the School of Computer, Engineering and Digital Technology at Tessed University and will begin on September 27, consisting of nine weekly three-hour sessions.

Provides technical support to participating SMEs for up to six months to help them achieve their energy efficiency goals.

“The impact of excessive consumption on the planet has been well documented,” said Seohan Fanton, associate dean of the School of Computer, Engineering and Digital Technology at Tessidid University.

She adds: “Environmental consequences and energy losses can also have a negative impact on the bottom line of business. At Tessed University, we work hard to make businesses thrive and grow while making a positive contribution to society.

She said, “We are pleased to present this course, which will help SME business leaders choose the right information on the right interventions to reduce energy waste.

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