Grom Industrial Service Introduces Innovative Kiniti Clean Gas Turbine HRSG Cleanup

Published October 19, 2021 at 2:02 PM MDT|Updated 1 hour ago

Fairfield, NJ, October 19, 2021 (PRNewswire) – Grome Industrial Services Group, a specialized maintenance service provider in a variety of industries, has announced that it will now acquire ownership of the kinematic system. Recently Explosive Experts, Inc. With the acquisition of ExPro, Gromme has added kinetic technology to its innovative collection.

KinetiClean is a proven chemical cleaner for HRSG boilers and fin pipes through a proven kinetic shockwave cleaning system. The patent air system used after the explosion shows high pressure, high volume distribution.

ExPro brings a long history of safety and success to Gurom industry in industry and HRSG cleaning. In recent decades, Expiro has focused on cleaning the boiler and using landmines. Also, the brand has deep connections in various industries, including the production of coal, refining, waste to energy, chemicals and plastics, pulses and paper.

Jeff Bows“We are delighted to be merging these two large businesses into a power plant,” said Grom’s CEO. Together with Shakilen, cleaning HSG pipe for gas turbines creates sales opportunities. The mergers and acquisitions of this pair combine to bring together both management teams and company cultures.

“Both companies have very talented teams that provide strong value to customers on a daily basis. This transaction is great for all of our customers as we are now able to offer and expand Kinetic Clean technology to our customers at Grom. Previously our unique value-added services.

Gromme Industries will host the upcoming WebSite on Kinnett Client Technology:
KinetiClean: A safe and fast way to clean HRSG fin pipes
November 3, 20212 p.m.

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