Green to go with the power training center plan

Edinburgh businessman Mark Glasgow plans to invest ሚሊዮን 3 million in a series of energy training centers around Scotland to improve the country’s industrial skills shortage.

Construction is already underway on the first energy training academy in the capital, with additional facilities for Ginbago and the Northeast.

The Edinburgh Institute will be completed in November.

Mr. Glasgow, owner of the Edinburgh Boiler, said: Company and Glasgow Boiler Company.

“The next few years will be crucial in our industry.

“We are concerned about the lack of skills we are facing as an industry, and I thought it was important to provide a modern training center with a focus on renewable energy.

“Initially this will be in Edinburgh and the plan is to extend regional education centers around Scotland by establishing regional training centers.

We have recently added heat pumps to our installation services list and many improvements are in the pipeline. We want to continue to lead the way in home heating in Scotland, so the academy will employ engineers who want to train new teenagers and teach our current installation and maintenance staff ‘home’.

“There will also be adult education programs suitable for the gas / renewable engineer who wants to enter this growing sector.

“We will have a variety of courses that focus on renewable energy, and we will use some of the best teachers and coaches in the business. We will be a one-stop shop for theory and practice to start new training at our academy and then we will do the most important portfolio work on site with our experienced engineers company.

Edinburgh Boiler Company, one of the industry’s most advanced businesses, Founded in 2015, it is the city’s largest boiler installation.

“There is a real need for a local company like ours,” Glasgow added.

The significant investment we make in the Energy Training Academy not only provides the best possible training for our staff but also our commitment to provide better service to our clients.

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