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How do you call a large group of companies that bring existing technologies into the market more environmentally friendly, even though their main goal is not in line with the definition of green technology?

Green Software – A new trend for a better planet

Marie-Pierre Garnier, VP

Green Tech has been around for the past 20 years, but it has recently received attention due to the growing threat of global warming. Of Green Technology and Sustainability Market It is valued at $ 11.2 billion by 2020. It is expected to reach $ 36.6 billion by 2025.

Strictly speaking, green technology or “green tech” meansThe Oxford English Dictionary explains a technology designed to reduce or reverse the effects of human activity on the environment. For Greentech Union, green tech companies are designed to protect the environment, are scientifically based, measurable, and do not participate in greenhouses. This definition often includes companies involved in recycling, clean water production, or alternative energy sources, such as solar or wind power.

How do you call a large group of companies that bring existing technologies into the market more environmentally friendly, even though their main goal is not in line with the definition of green technology? For example, IT solutions that have less impact on the environment than usual? According to various initiatives in Europe and the United States, green software and sustainable software contracts are increasing.

What is sustainable software?

Sustainable software, for example, uses energy-saving algorithms that perform computer tasks faster and more efficiently than standard software (it can be a real power fog – see my article) How to reduce IE carbon footprint?) IT experts have developed 8 sustainable software engineering principles to measure environmental sustainability and deliver best practices. According to Asim Hussein, Microsoft’s Green Cloud Advocate, “Sustainable Application is responsible for the loss of electricity and is designed to be used as little as possible.” Also, when carbon strength is low, it must be flexible enough to carry workloads (carbon strength is a measure of how much carbon emissions per kilowatt of electricity are generated). Studies show that such behavior can save between 45% and 99%.

The information and communication technology sector is expected to account for 14% of the world’s share Carbon footprint in 2040. However, there are no regulatory requirements that limit the energy consumption of software products. Therefore, the initiative of a team of researchers in Germany, which created a program for the realization of sustainable software potential: “Blue Angel for Wealth – and energy-saving software”. Certification criteria include the ability to control (ability to configure software according to individual needs), efficiency (newer versions of the software do not require more computer power if necessary) and power perception (manage hardware power consumption as efficiently as possible), but the software’s transparency and modulus. Openness and interaction are key factors in green technologies for the European Digital SME Alliance.

The software world is turning green

In the United States, all technology giants talk extensively about the role of renewable energy sources in their energy consumption or their recent goal of climate-neutrality. It became Amazon in December 2020 World Renewable Energy is the world’s largest corporation, with 187 solar and wind projects around the world and all projects to renew renewable energy by 2025. Google has been a carbon-neutral company since 2007 and says its data centers use half of its power. A common data center. Green is an important part of corporate strategy to please investors and customers – according to a list of ten green software companies.

Not surprisingly, international initiatives have been launched in the private sector to promote sustainable software. Microsoft recently launched Green Software Foundation, with Linux Foundation. The goal is to build human ecosystems, standards, tools and practices to reduce carbon emissions due to software development. One of their activities is to develop certification programs and training courses for green software developers. Another area of ​​action involves raising standards for the software industry as a whole. According to the Paris climate agreement, by 2020, greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 45%.

Are you buying green software?

as such According to a study by Cap Gemini, many consumers are concerned about the environmental practices and values ​​of the companies they buy – 66% choose to buy products or services based on their “environmental friendliness”. This phenomenon is not limited to the B2C sector. Recently, corporate social responsibility means ensuring the sustainability of the software solution before the procurement order is signed – “sustainable procurement”. It is one of the biggest trends in 2021.

A sustainable company must look to buy green IT solutions: Software designed to use the most energy-efficient hardware. “Companies can evaluate software performance as part of their sustainability efforts by evaluating its performance on traditional standards.

In Cortical. Based on unusual binary vectors and bole operators, our Semitic folding: The algorithm performs complex mathematical tasks in writing quickly and with little memory. For greater accuracy, our solutions require relatively little training material. In general, their application from training to production requires less computer power, in other words, less power than similar software solutions.

About Marie-Pierre Garnier, VP at
Marie-Pierre has been pursuing a market for artificial intelligence and natural language processing for more than 10 years. She is particularly interested in aspects of the sustainability of business software solutions and has written numerous articles on the subject. Earlier, a member of parliament at the Information Recovery Facility facilitated the transfer of knowledge between industry researchers and data acquisition scientists.

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