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Lake City, Colo –

Join an educational program to build the next generation of professionals focused on creating homes. Action groups are being formed, and the next workshop will begin on September 2.

Housing Construction Expert Sam Rashkin collaborated with Green Developer Media to teach Housing 2.0 a training and education program focused on disruption in the housing industry. The curriculum is designed by architects on how to save 30 to 70 percent of the cost of each new home.

The program includes virtual workshops facilitated by Rashi, online courses taught by industry experts, activities to enable participants to implement Housing 2.0 foundations in their projects, and access ownership content, business advice, and market information.

A full description of the program and its benefits can be found here.

This program is providing significant value. If you are interested in joining the next session beginning September 2, consider these testimonials from recent program participants:

• George: “My time is precious because I am so busy. The most important thing I can do now is to choose to spend time with Sam, Green Building Media and the rest.

• “I have just completed your Housing 2.0 workshop. I found the workshop wonderful. Extremely informative, well-organized and educational. My background comes from big developers who don’t know much about health, energy, sustainability, etc. I may need to revisit the modules to get the full benefit. Again, very well done. ”- Doyle Dudley, Purchasing Director, Thrive Home Builders

• “My experience with Housing 2.0 as a small developer was in one word – priceless. What I admire most is the constant focus on information-driven, market-driven, real-world solutions. This stimulus was not a “good feeling” workshop. Instead, everything is presented in a way that is easy to understand and apply. Sam has a way of conveying information in a way that conveys clarity. And there were many other post-employment opportunities to collaborate with other professionals through action groups. I can’t recommend this workshop enough. Any developer, architect, general contractor, sustainability consultant, real estate broker or other professional will undoubtedly benefit from Housing 2.0.

To learn more about Housing 2.0, visit Housing 2.0 Microsoft. Want a taste of the Housing 2.0 program? Take a look at the long-delayed Reshkin free webinars in the housing industry. After the September 2 option, the next workshop series will begin on November 4.

The Housing 2.0 program has been generously supported by construction industry leaders, including Mitsubishi Electric, Zip System, Panasonic and Schneider Electric. Do you have any questions? Email Green Developer Media General Manager Sarah Gutterman by [email protected]

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