Grandmother in hospital struggling for her life after a gas explosion at home

Southwest Miami-Dade, Fla. – Southwest Miami: Dad and Grandma are in hospital to save her life from a gas explosion at her home.

Josiah Belo called her mother to say she was in trouble and needed help.

She remembers the phone falling off. “You have to come here now. It looks like a bomb had exploded at your mother’s house. “

Her mother, Alida, was rushed to hospital with her third degree burns from her home on SW 145 Avenue and SW 114 Terrace in the Kendall area.

Aleda woke up to prepare breakfast for her husband, who was suffering from diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. She turned on the stove and it boomed, then a flash of lightning.

The windows and shutters blew out of the house after a power outage on November 13, due to gas leaking into the house.

Firefighters told Josiah that her mother had gone to the ambulance.


“When they told me that she was walking, I said, ‘OK, that’ is not so bad. ‘

But it was bad. Aladdin’s condition worsens and it takes time to heal.

Now in the hospital, Josénia says her mother is wrapped in vacuum bags. Her hands were wrapped around her neck, “but she has a skin of gum on her skin,” she said.

A mother of 3 and a granddaughter of 7, Alida, the focus of the family, visited a woman known to many for her faith and family.

“She always prays for everyone. . . She always thinks about other people. So, if we can get the same thing. . . Some support, ”said Josénia.

A GoFundMe page has been created to help Aldan and her family.

When it comes to holidays, safety tips are here:


  • According to, gas leaks cannot always be detected by smell. Finding a carbon monoxide detector is recommended. They can be found in hardware stores or online and cost less than $ 25.
  • Install gas detectors wherever gas can be stored but where people can hear the alarm.

  • Keep all combustibles away from water heaters, stoves or other gas appliances to reduce the risk of fire.

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