Graduation of Industrial Safety Training Course

Officers from GCC countries graduated from the 7th Industrial Safety Course today.

The course was organized by the Department of Civil Servants of the Office of the General Secretary of Civil Defense from November 7, according to a MoI statement.
Thirteen GCC officers from various GCC countries participated in the GCC regions in the field of industrial security, security cooperation and coordination.
The ceremony was attended by Lt. Colonel Khalifa Mohammed Al-Atiyah, Director General of Industrial Security. He said the topics discussed and important issues will contribute to achieving the goals of job creation and protection of industrial enterprises. The official praised the efforts of industry safety workers in protecting oil rigs.
Capt. Rashid Al Dosari, head of the Training and Development Center of the Directorate General of Industrial Safety, said the purpose of the course was to exchange views and discuss how to protect important and energy institutions among GCC countries. Oil and gas.
The course covered the latest trends, science and technology used to maintain and protect these facilities. He also discussed the importance of industrial safety to the overall national security system and a number of important issues, including industrial safety practices.
In addition to security risk management, safety planning, and industrial safety and terrorism, the course covers crisis and emergency management, industrial safety and police relations, and industrial safety and occupational health and safety. It also focuses on security risk management processes and risk assessment methods and includes field visits to some industrial cities in Qatar.
He thanked the organizers of the course on behalf of the graduates on behalf of the graduates.
He said similar courses provide participants with new skills and exchange experiences with colleagues from other GCC countries.

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