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12-week verification program for those who want to transfer multiple codes.

Grace’s founder and chief spiritual adviser, led by Alexandra Honey, is a new leadership technology that calls for the “awakened” code, the “awakened” stars, leaders and visionaries, healers, counselors and coaches. , Spiritual Entrepreneurs, and Spiritual Curiosity to take the amazing 12-week certification program to transmit multiple codes.

The world needs a more purely purposeful leader who is willing to pass on this power to spread good light and love to all human beings. And with the advent of the new and transcendental Aquarius, it is more important than ever to learn the awakening codes of happiness.

Awakened Bliss Codes℠, a pioneering new wave energy system that incorporates galaxy codes from the “Council” of advanced sources in Akashic records, activates frequencies that can control energy in many ways. In doing so, the body acts as a tool and the mind acts as a control mechanism.

While deeply rooted in healing, Active Blade Codes℠ offers much more. In addition to receiving four certificates, participation in Levels 1 and 2 of Excited Happiness Codes can achieve self-discipline, deep connection with a higher self or spirit, and space activation codes that can change one’s life. With the right support system, power and community, anything is possible.

Participants must meet a four-tier system by joining Active Prosperity Codes. Related Reiki Training – An Alternative Healing of a Life-Skilled Professional to a Subject – is assigned to each level.

The first two levels of Active Blues Codes ℠ Certification Training is included in the 12 program, with certificates for levels 1 and 2 for Holy Fire Reiki. Participants will also be required to take a free 6-week Bliss Blueprint course. In the meantime, steps 3 and 4 will be covered in the later courses.

In addition to the free 6-week course, participants will receive over 23 hours of live meetings, special content, live access to the Divine Life 5 modules, a dedicated place to connect and receive counseling, and 7 powerful, tested and tested spaces. From teacher-to-student-only codes.

More information about Active Blaise Codes℠ and Grace at Gravity is available at

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Founded by leading spiritual consultant and world-leading energy technology expert Alexandra Hanley, Grace Strengthens Humanity at Gravity LLC and guides spiritual leaders, light workers, healers, and high-minded people on their paths to happiness and universal well-being around the world. .

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