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New Delhi: The Ministry of Environment is proposing to exempt oil and natural gas drilling and related inter-developmental areas from “pre-coastal control zone (CRZ) clearance”. The final decision in this regard will be made after the Ministry has analyzed the views of stakeholders for two months.
The idea, which came as a surprise announcement, was published in a newspaper on November 1 during a discussion of various issues, including fossil fuels and its fair share of carbon emissions, at the United Nations Climate Conference in Glasgow (COP26). , UK Stakeholders and experts are expected to share their views with the Ministry by the end of next month.
In January 2019, the ministry issued a proclamation declaring certain beaches as CRZ, restricting the establishment and expansion of industries, operations and processes in coastal eco-degraded zones. However, the National Coast Guard Zone Authority (NCZMA) has proposed to ease such restrictions on oil and natural gas drilling, at the request of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas and other stakeholders.
“In post-independence India, regulatory tools such as the CRZ have been aligned with the government’s economic priorities to protect the environment and ensure social security. These tools are always useful for introducing improvements to specific projects or sector needs. However, the changes to the CRZ are unforgivable by anticipating the needs of the oil and gas industry, and contradict the stated purpose of advertising to ‘protect and protect beaches’ and to ensure the ‘livelihoods’ of fishermen. Other communities, ”said Kanchi Kohli, senior researcher at the Center for Policy Studies and Research (CPR) at the Delhi-based Center. “It is also important to look at this (proposed) amendment in light of the ongoing changes in the oil and gas industry over the past two years and the ongoing public hearings. The sector has been recognized by the government for its high productivity.” And they are not based on studying the social and ecological implications of this disaster, ”she added.
The Ministry has proposed other changes to the CRZ Notice 2019, such as maintaining “temporary and seasonal structures (checks)” during the winter and giving due care to the relevant coastal zone authority. Conditioning of roads and hand-held erosion control kits. This decentralized approach can speed up the process of creating such structures.


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