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Jakarta (Antara) – The Indonesian government has launched a solar energy initiative program aimed at preparing students to become clean energy advocates by sharing materials and experiences.

According to the Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, Nadim Makarim, Gerylia was one of the independent campuses of the independent campus, which produces creative energy activists.

“For one semester, Girlia participants will study individually and travel with consultants to develop solar energy solutions as innovative clean energy solutions,” Makarim said at the launch of Friday’s online Jerria program.

The program is designed specifically for university students, completing three-month courses and three-month group-based projects and earning college credit in one semester.

The program is expected to support 23 percent of Indonesia’s renewable energy target by 2025.

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The Ministry of Energy and Minerals had planned to develop 32,000 megawatts of power from rooftop photovoltaic power plants, but the capacity of power stations in Indonesia currently stands at only 31 megawatts.

The government is amending the regulation on photovoltaic power stations on the roof to meet the needs of the public and industry for clean energy.

The Minister of Energy and Minerals, Arifine Tarif, is optimistic that the Gelilia program will accelerate the use of roof photovoltaic power stations with the active participation of all, including students.

The Grillia program will feature 10 research topics, including placements and questions, on the Spada Indonesia website, administered by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology.

During the first three months, students will receive materials, both in terms of engineering, business and marketing knowledge, both internally and externally.

After that, they will receive direct training from roof photovoltaic power plant entrepreneurs to help them develop solar energy through market research, business strategy and promotion.
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