Gov launches 130 new courses

Governor Mangubay Patel graduates 130 new courses at Vikram University. Patel said more than 130 creative classes will be launched at the university at the same time. There are now a total of 180 courses.

New courses will take the youth to new heights in the future. The new curriculum frees the young person from being tied to a subject and helps him or her to move forward and become self-sufficient. According to the governor, the university should strive to promote Sanskrit. We must all work to make India a Vishgar again.

Expressing good wishes to everyone on Janmashtami, Patel Ujjani said that Lord Sri Krishna has become Kክṣናa. I am proud to have come to the holy and holy city of Ujjaini. The city of Ujjani has been a holy city since ancient times. People here are fortunate to have been educated by Lord Krishna himself by staying in the Sandrapani Ashram. At that time, the royal family and the common people were all studying together. Lord Sri Krishna and Sudama were educated at the same time under the guidance of Guru Sandipani. Lord Kሽṣናa taught Arjuna to fulfill his duty in the Battle of Mahabharata. Patel said many students beyond Vikram University hold important positions in life.

According to the Minister of Higher Education, Mohan Yadav, the time when Lord Kሽṣናa came to Ujjani Gurukul for education can be heard even today. Today, Governor Patel is among us. Shri Yadav said the University of Ujjan Vikram is very ancient. With the number of new courses and courses held here, Vikram University has become the No. 1 university. The university offers courses in painting, design, theater, drama, dance and song. Efforts will be made to provide students with 14 Vedas and 64 Grid Sri Krishna Arts. Sports are also part of the curriculum.

Yadav said the new education policy has been implemented in Madhya Pradesh. Under the new education policy, students can choose one subject and choose another subject later. He said today is not a holiday but a day of work and energy. There is nothing better than starting a new course at the Janmartami Festival. Yadav said he now follows the tradition of graduating students on Goodie Padwa. A sermon will be held at Goodie Padwa. He invited students from all over the world to study at Vikram University.


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