Goopified Celebrity Cruises to ship this fall

Celebrity Ships and Gop have strengthened their partnership with a series of four Caribbean cruise ship safety programs this fall. The two brands In January 2020, for the first time, the “Jump on the Sea” initiative was postponed due to COVID. In April 2021, Paltrow as the famous Cruise “health consultant” transported new health supplies and products with her team, upgrading AquaClass, desirable TV content, and exclusive Gop smoothing at the Spa Cafe.

We have had great success in our Health Conference, which translates GOP content into real-life experience. This partnership with Zlaze Cruz allows us to bring in new visitors and connect readers wherever they are. Brand name DNA is based on curiosity, and curiosity is an important part of travel. Jump at sea, we call that adventure a series of transformational experiences led by our most trusted healthcare professionals and healers. Gwynet Paltro, CEO of GOP and founder of GOP, said in a statement.

Guests of the famous cruise ship will have the opportunity to take part in the rehabilitation and expansion of mind, body and soul with some of Gup’s favorite doctors on board four Caribbean ships starting in October. The only program to enhance the mutual well-being of guests on the new luxury ships includes exercise and meditation sessions.

“When our guests return from a trip, after a very difficult year, the ship became a source of healing for them,” said Lisa Lutoff-Pello, president and CEO of Cruz. Nowhere else can visitors experience this violent confrontation. Sea stability with physical and emotional well-being.

“Physical, mental and spiritual well-being are inseparable – and how exciting it is to explore everything on the water, in the Caribbean,” said Gup’s senior security director and celebrity women in the safety group. In the future to share the wisdom of an incredible group of teachers with the guests of Zlaus Cruz.

Fixed by GOP, the doctors include:

  • Dana Babies – A recognizable power healer, author and teacher. Dana conducts workshops, online courses, and transitions to help others learn to open up their own talents.
  • Collet Dong – A native of New York City, he is the founder of Cole News, a co-founder of BFA in dance performance and choreography and dance science at Elon University, New York’s premier studio for trampoline cardio and muscle sculpture.
  • Tina Jackson – Classical trained dancer, fitness model, fashion stylist and activity supervisor, the room calls for a deep sense of celebration, authenticity, faith, courage, expression and freedom.
  • Stay safe -Famous spiritual teacher, expressive, acupuncturist, writer and speaker. For 15 years, Deganit worked hard to guide people to find peace and purpose through her writing, course, training, events, and sessions.
  • Dr. Wheeler – A luxury fitness professional with 12 different fitness certifications (and at the Criminal Investigation Level!) And trademarked disability class.

Playing host to these health and safety professionals will be the celebrity new luxury cruise ships. Characteristics of the four voyages

  • Meeting of a celebrity -On October 9, a 5-night cruise from Miami, featuring Colt Dong and Deganit Nur.
  • Famous Apex -Dana Children and Tina Jackson will headline this 4-night cruise from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on October 24.
  • The edge of a celebrity – From Fort Lauderdale, Florida, October 30, for a 7-night Western Caribbean voyage with Dana Babies and Tina Jackson.
  • Famous Millennium – The final voyage will take place on December 13 at 10 p.m.

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