‘Golf Course is a Monster’

TOLDO, Ohio – When the LPA first came to the historic Inverness Club, T times were posted outside the professor’s shop, and players were allowed to take out their cell phones because there were no leaderboards on the course. Or fans. Or ropes.

Daniel Kang insists she will not pick up her phone during the final round, but last July she had three holes to play in the Elpiga Drive event and could not help herself.

When the Elpiga came back from a months-long break, only five players were equally divided by Inverness. Fourth-placed Kang prepares for France’s Celine Boutier ahead of the 17th Solheim Cup.

The Drive On event felt great with the quality of the lesson and the way it tested every part of the game. In Inverness, this week’s Solhem Cup will look like a masterpiece of steroids in Donald Ross’s design in an electric atmosphere and ready to reflect.

Daniel Kang holds the trophy after winning the 2020 LPGA Drive Championship with Inverness Club. Photo by Mark Librick-America Sports Today

“The power here is incredible,” Kang said.

It was a bit different last summer because it was wet and windy.

“It was soft then,” Kang said. “He’s very strong now.”

She told Kang that she had asked the Greens to do it quickly and that she had given it to someone on the Inverness Scotty Cameron putter.

Seeing how the green came out, Kang said, “Talk to the maintenance staff, and this is what I usually do in the afternoon.” .

“Golf is a monster of golf”

Kang joins the media room with her pod – Lizet Salas, Austin Ernest and Jennifer Coupe. Before her, like Julie Inkster, American Captain Pat Horst had to take on the character of a player, and then a dozen of those players were broken by three sticks.

Salas explained, “We are called Star Pods, because we are at different angles with that star and our Assistant Captain Angela Stanford gave that name, and that makes us strong.

“We can get along with each other, some are better than others, but this is the practice of rounds. We try to see what options we can find, and at the end of the day we only need a very strong pair.

Pumpkins are for play. When he returned to the team, Ernest said he would move on to the hanging 12 players.

“They demand our opinion, they value our input,” Salas said. “I think they value our voices, and that requires great leadership. You know, there were a few shifts after the first Pados draft, and now we’re 100 percent comfortable, and we’re doing our best. ”

Kang’s first Solheium Cup He was at the crowded de Moines Golf and Country Club in 2017, and he remembers that she was too red in the gallery and could not see the red flags at school. That year Kang went 3-1-0.

He said playing at home, especially after losing to Glennell in 2019, would put more pressure on the USA, who are vying for the trophy. Asked if winning Inverness would give her more confidence this week, she said no.

“I am generally confident. “Even if I fall, I’m still sure,” she said. “I am just like that. Sometimes I fall in confidence, and it’s okay. But I say I give 110 percent to be here, and I give 120 to this group if I can. I really enjoyed presenting it on Saturday. ”


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