Gohmer says Infrastructure Bill explodes renewable energy projects: Birds explode in the air

WASHINGTON – US Representative Louis Gohmer has birds in mind. By destroying the $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure budget recently approved by the Senate, Tyler Republic is citing bird conservation by targeting some forms of renewable energy.

In a speech to the right-of-way American News Network on Thursday, Gohmer spoke extensively about the solar farm on the California-Nevada border: Turn there and turn the turbines. ”

It may refer to the Ivanpah Solar Power System, which covers approximately five square miles of federal land in California.

Gomer did not expect that there would be hundreds and thousands of what he called “flame.” Because when the birds fly in, if they survive the windmills, they hit that beautiful sun, explode in flames, and go down, the birds are drawn to all the mirrors.

Gomer’s opinions are distorted, but they have a grain of truth for them, according to environmentalists and scientific researchers.

A 2016 study estimated that an estimated 37,800 to 138,600 birds would die from large-scale solar farms, although researchers warn that these numbers are still being analyzed based on preliminary data. Some birds may sing their feathers in the “sunshine” from the mirrors that Gohmer mentions, and they may later die from a lack of flying ability.

However, most environmentalists and wildlife experts say that climate change – and the production of traditional fossil fuels – pose a greater threat to the survival of birds.

“As the cause of bird flu decreases, it is pointless to point fingers at renewable energy,” says an ecologist and a senior scientist for the Environmental Fund.

At the same time, we contribute to climate change by clearing and cultivating the earth, burning small fossils, burning fossil fuels and releasing tons of carbon into the atmosphere, and destroying bird habitats.

Many birds also adapt to different geographical conditions. Thus, the long-term effects of climate change — such as severe and recurrent droughts and wildfires — could affect survival, reduce food and water supply, and affect the future of many poultry populations, says Lorenz.

“We need to encourage domestic renewable energy as much as possible,” said Young Lawrence. This will make the research and development investment needed to conserve renewable energy for humans and wildlife more robust.

It is also misleading to point fingers at renewable energy production as a major threat to birds, with about one billion birds dying every year in collisions with buildings.

Gohmer’s bid to protect the birds would pave the way for $ 73 trillion in clean energy investments.

The bill, which was approved by the Senate this week, includes funding for several green projects to change roads, bridges and transportation, and includes other measures to incorporate U.S. climate change solutions into U.S. infrastructure.

Bilateral law, one of the priorities of President Joe Biden’s campaign, reflects some of the key ideas of the “Green New Deal” framework, led by activists such as US Secretary of State Alexandria Occio Cortez. It has become a flashpoint for conservative politicians.

“This is an uncontrollable green thing for the country,” Gomer said.

Gomer’s office did not respond to requests for comment.

Gohmert’s recent entry into climate science has attracted national attention and ridicule. In June, the agency asked the Forestry Authority if it could move the moon and Earth’s orbit to prevent solar activity.

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