Glasgow with 6. 6.2 million in funding will help reduce energy bills and emissions

Glasgow with 6. 6.2 million in funding will help reduce energy bills and emissions

Glasgow City Council 6,212,342 Financial support from Government of Scotland Energy Saving Scotland Program.

This grant is aimed at improving housing stock; Coping with fuel poverty; Reducing carbon emissions; Support the local economy and sustainable environmental economic development; And in mandatory financial support from an energy company.

The 2018 Scottish Housing Situation Survey estimated that about 25% of Glasgow households were oil-poor (spending more than 10% of their household income on fuel costs).

Tackling fuel poverty – in addition to energy efficiency and measures to prevent climate change – is a key priority for the council in terms of a balanced heating program.

The program is part of the Scottish Government’s Energy-Efficient Environment-Based Plan (EES-ABS), which sees the Council work with landlords, private landlords and housing associations to implement energy-saving measures in homes with compulsory financial support. From power suppliers, and landlords and private landlords. This is a voluntary program with the owners who choose to participate.

To reduce low energy costs and carbon emissions, the program provides insulation measures – usually exterior wall coverings. The latest funding is for the financial year 2021/22.

Kenny McLean, Adviser to the Glasgow City Council on Neighbors, Housing and Public Affairs., “This new Scottish energy-saving program is very welcome, despite the high energy prices and climate change. The money will help Glasgow achieve our goal of becoming a net-zero city by reducing carbon emissions and reducing domestic energy bills.

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