GETS 4.0 Program – Secretary of State – offers more opportunities for graduates to join Borno Post Online

Sabaria (second right) attends a tribute to Abang Johari (left), Van Lizozman, Jaul, and Aslena. – Photo of Perangan

Cooking (September 15) – Graduates will be given the opportunity to join the next group (2021/2022) Graduates of the Advanced Training Sarawak (GETS) 4.0 program, said regional secretary Datuk Amar Jawul Samion.

He said it is to enable more unemployed graduates to benefit from the program.

It is important to develop the skills of internal staff for better job training.

“Lessons such as presentation skills, communication skills, self-confidence and how to create a good first impression in the workplace will help them develop self-esteem, develop cognitive skills and develop a sense of despair in the face of challenges.

“This will enable trainees to have a realistic view of the workplace, develop problem-solving skills, make appropriate and rational decisions, and create a desire to achieve greater performance,” he said at the launch of the GETS 4.0 program, led by the General Manager. Datuk Patigigi Abang Johari Tune Opg today by highlighting.

Jael Gates said the 4.0 is a 12-month on-the-job training program in which graduates are paired with selected agencies based on their background.

“Introduced it as a platform to develop new workplace skills such as English in the workplace and to enhance graduates’ qualifications in line with Sarawak Digital Economy Strategy (2018-2022). Workplace requirements. ”

A.D. In 2019, the first group saw 321 stickers in government agencies, government-affiliated companies (GLCs) and the private sector, while the second and third groups saw a total of 301 and 437 stickers in various industries by 2020. And 2021 respectively.

According to the reports, from 2019 to 2021, 20 percent of the companies such as Petronas, Sarawak Information Systems, Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA), and Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation have been offered 214 jobs. SDC, Sakofa, Sarawak Power Berhad, Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (CDC), Land Protection and Development Authority (LCDA), Sarawak Media Group (SMG), LONGi, Oceancare, and many more. ”

He also said that 6 percent of the 65 internet workers are employed by companies that are stuck.

“This means that the main objective of this program is gradually being achieved,” he added.

He said the state is optimistic that graduates from GSS 4.0 will be better off when it comes to job opportunities.

It is also expected that the skills acquired during the training will be included in the post-19 Development Strategy (PCDS) 2030 targets.

He said there are still many job seekers who should use this program to their full potential.

At the graduation ceremony, Dr. State Secretary Dr. Sabaria Puttit, State Finance Secretary Dr. Wan Lizozman Wan Omar and CEO of Sarawak Performance Center (SCOPE) Dr. Aslena Helmi were present.

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