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TL; DR: Explore your art side for a one-year unlimited addition subscription to Creativebug Fine Art & Craft: Save 50% off September 22 and book this subscription for only $ 35.

Instagram and TikTok can certainly serve as a source of inspiration, but the more time you spend on these apps, the more you end up with your creativity. Now is the time to transfer your creativity to something other than scrolling. If you do not know where to start, this Creativebug subscription can help you get to the smart side with a hat drop.

With this one-year unlimited and creative arts and crafts course for Creativebug, there is no limit to what you can learn and create with your own hands. Creativebug offers more than 1,000 art and craft courses for all artists and craftsmen. In addition, all the courses you broadcast on the app are ad-free and completely edited in high quality.

With new courses from top artists on the field, they will never be boring or creative. If you are concerned about a one-year membership, when you sign up for this subscription, you will automatically receive 12 class credits that will not end automatically and may last forever to continue your creative journey.

Crafts related to weaving, sewing and farming, paper crafts, jewelry, and food and homework. If there is any DIY project you want to learn, now is your shot. You can download everything you need to get crafts in the app, including designs, templates and recipes. You can stay in touch with other artists through online in-app community galleries and forums.

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A one-year enrollment for Creativebug Arts and Crafts courses, which typically offers more than 1,000 different courses, costs $ 71. But now you can shave 50% off the normal price for a while and get unlimited access for only $ 35.

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