George Mason University – Around Mason – August 17, 2021 Week

August 17, 2021

Is there anything he shares? Review advertising guidelines and submit ads from your section via the online form. The deadline for inclusion in next Tuesday’s edition is Wednesday for business. Campus Updates Introduction and Welcome 2Mason Invited Prep introductory six-week programs and events to help students learn campus and make connections for the first time Welcome2Mason. Holidays begin on August 18 when students begin to enter their dormitories. Mason faculty and staff are invited to attend and welcome our students to events and ask me questions. Volunteer opportunities are posted at Due to recent changes, Eagle Bank Arena will hold a new student conference twice a day on August 20 from 12:30 to 1:30 and 2:15 to 3:15 pm. Wear mason gear and attend any session to help welcome new students to Mason. See the full list of Welcome2Mason events. With everyone’s support and participation, we can bring strength and the spirit of Mason to the beginning of the fall semester. Contact Rick Green, a new student and family program with questions at Election Results: New and Returning Senators Labor Senate Mason Newly-Elected and Returning Senators
Shams Habibib, Center for Economic Science Multipurpose Center (Existing)
Carlos Sandoval, Anthony Scalia Law School Fairfax Campus
Stephanie Atkins, Mason’s Life Program (in action)
Statistics de Angelo, Digital Communications (in power)
Ivan Frejo, Department of Computer Science
Will Gawny, College of Visual and Performing Arts
Steven Lindner, Information Technology Services
Stacey Remik-Simkins, English class
Lauren Router, University Information (Existing)
Kimberly Shaw-Mac, Manpower and Salary (on-the-job)
Preston Williams, Office of Communications (in operation) Psychological Campus
Colby Grant, Science Tech Campus Executive Office (in operation)
Christen Weaver, College of Science (Existing) Large-
Hugh Bard, Bureau of Sponsor Programs
Submit a Taylor Griffin, Business School question, comment or suggestion to the Labor Senate. Contact with questions. Fall Mason Closing Programs Available Fall 2021 Mason Shuttles programs are available at See summary of start dates and major changes. Note: Drop wheels operate at 90% of the seat capacity and will continue to require front cover on all vehicles, regardless of vaccination status. Mason Shuttles is currently working on a summer program for most of August. There are two routes to work this summer: Fairfax to Citetech (with reduced program) and on-demand transportation (with Fairfax campus and local stops). The CUE bus operates on a regular schedule with the Vienna Metro service. For details on the Mason Transportation Summer Program, visit Patriot Bicycle Inspection: Restart The Patriot Bike Inspection Program will resume on Tuesday, September 7th. Bicycles can be returned to both locations. See details. Contact with questions. Updates for Impact Awards and Departmental Rewards Human Resources and Payroll Rewards and Recognition Teams are improving the process for following Commonwealth Virginia’s policy for impact awards and class awards. Individual impact rewards and departmental cash prizes are no longer required to cover employee tax deductions. All cash prizes, regardless of source of funding, are subject to tax under IRS regulations. Questions? Contact Skillshop Series Critical Dialogs for Training and Professional Development A five-part series of “skill shops” is led by a model-certified trainer in critical discussions. These sessions focus on practicing the critical skills needed to ensure that your challenging conversations are handled properly. Critical discussions Skillshop
Wednesday, August 18
1-3 hours
Contact with questions. Webinar – How to Ensure the Quality of Your Online Courses and Online Courses In this webinar, the Steers Digital Learning Quality Assurance (QA) team shares the essentials for the quality of an online course. Learn the online quality assurance list and tips on how quality assurance resources work. Experienced teachers share the quality of their online courses. Participants will learn to apply the checklist to ensure their online semester is ready for the fall semester. Webinar – How to ensure the quality of your online courses and online education
Friday, August 20, 1: 30–2: 30 p.m.
Facilitators – Darlene Smukni and Monisha Triati (Stereo Digital Education QA Group), Jesse Matthews (English class) and Erin Murdock (Psychology Department)
Sign up Contact questions. Resources for Your Concern Mason Moments: Imaginary and Physical Sessions Session Sessions, provided by the Center for Safety Improvement, give you the opportunity to take midday breaks in ways that can deepen mental awareness and overall well-being. Sessions will continue through Zom on September, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon. Physical sessions are also offered at Fairfax, Arlington and Cycling Campus. Visit the website for more information and session schedules. Join the Mason Jazz Faculty at Jammin Java, and join the Mason Jazz Faculty in the evening at Jammin Java Jazz Standards and Original Essays in Vienna, Virginia. Sunday, August 29
7pm (doors open at 5:30 pm)
Jammin Java
Purchase Tickets Jammin Java offers live music and concert experiences for all ages. For questions, contact Dardin Persell at Registration is underway – Friday, September 24, from 2 to 4:30 p.m. Approximately 85-90 bicycles are on sale. This year will be a little different from last year’s sales. To free customers, the online registration page allows visitors to sign up for a limited time. Incoming customers are not allowed. Limit one bike per customer. Questions? Contact 703-993-2828 or Awardees Marie Calle, Faculty of Development Coordinator at the College of Science, and Jacqueline Tyson, Director of Administration and Budget at Communication and Marketing, have each been awarded the Faculty of Staff for the 2021 – 22 academic year. While pursuing a Mason degree, both employees receive $ 250 to pay for textbooks or other course materials. Scholarships have been provided since 2013 to support the professional and personal development of workers throughout the Masonic community. Congratulations to Jesseline and Marie!

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