GEI / World Oil retired chairman and president Robert W. Scott dies


Bob Scott

Gulf Energy Information (GEE) and its World Oil Retired Chairman and President Robert W (Scott) regrets this Wednesday morning in Houston at the age of 93 with our international subscribers / readers. Can improve.

Early years. Bob Scott joined the Gulf Printing Company (GEI) in 1958 as an engineering editor. He graduated from the University of Texas (Austin) in 1951 with a BS in Petroleum Engineering. He later worked for Gulf Oil before joining GPC.

Years later, Scott said it was his first time World Oil He dominated the cover of the magazine (unlike his previous name, Oil weekly) In October 1947, there was a 382-page edition. Interestingly, that year saw the first exposure to the oil field and to the magazine. Nine years later, as an engineering editor, Scott rose to the position of editor World Oil 1967

Later in power. Scott served as editor for 17 years until he became editor-in-chief in mid-1984. World Oil And additional titles on GPC. He held the position until 1994, when he was promoted to president and later became chairman. A.D. In late 1996, he left the presidency but resigned. He served as chairman until his retirement in early 1999.

Industrial image. During Scott’s career, Scott was well-regarded as an expert in the global watershed industry and was sought after as a speaker and commentator on a variety of issues. Accordingly, In 1978, he led the first American Basin Oil and Gas delegation to China, after which he made two more industrial trips to China.

Scott has also been a member of the Petroleum Engineers Association for more than 50 years and has worked extensively in industry associations, including serving as secretary of the National Ocean Industries Association. He In 1984 he was president of the Houston-based National Association of Petroleum Equipment Manufacturers and Delegates (NOMADS) and was a member for several decades. At the time of his retirement, Scott still held the credentials of a professional engineer registered in Texas and Louisiana.

Retirement years. During his retirement, Scott was busy in the industry, becoming a senior consultant at the Coastal Energy Center (now the Oilfield Energy Center) and a member of the OEC Fame Committee. The annual inauguration ceremony of the OHCHR’s famous hall has also served as an emcee for several years. In fact, Scott himself was appointed as an “industrial ion” in the 2016 Hall of Fame.

Bob Scott is greatly missed by his family, many of his GI colleagues, and many of his friends in the oil and gas industry and the community at large. Funeral services are pending.

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