Gas shortage raises fuel prices to three years – live updates

GOdo morning.

FTSE 100 is set to jump 0.85 pcs to 7,085 points this morning, with Japan’s Hang Sung pushing ahead of Japan’s Nikiki.

Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU election ended in a landslide victory. The center-left SPD party won a narrow majority, which means they are trying to lead a three-party coalition alongside Greens and another party.

It was not expected that we would have a new government before Christmas, because the last one was to take any attention until February 2018, which meant that Angela Merkel would have to stay in place for a while. Has been appointed, ”said Michael Hevson, chief market analyst at CMC Markets.

What this means for German politics is unlikely to change in the short term, given the investor’s focus on the wider supply chain events in China and Asia, as well as around the world.

5 things to start your day

1) A plan to allow trucks to work longer hours The HVV industry says the policy collapsed last month after only one in 1,700 drivers used the plan.

2) Octopus carries 580,000 arrested Avro customers. The power company now has 3.1 meters of customers, making it a fierce competitor to traditional power companies

3) FTSE technology specifications have always been high since dotcom bubble: The number of technology companies on the FTSE 350 reached its 20-year high shortly after the millennium.

4) Airport Centers Defend Unemployment Crowle and Luton are among the cities with the highest unemployment rates this week following the end of Britain’s development program.

5) One in four employees wants to quit their job Survey Three out of 10 workers are experiencing poor work ethic.

What happened in one night

Asian stocks rose on Monday, although rising oil prices could boost fears of inflation and exacerbate the recent downturn in some major central banks.

Oil shortages have pushed Europe to the brink of extinction, while natural gas shortages have cost the continent dearly.

Brent added another 98 cents to $ 79.07 a barrel on Monday, while U.S. crude rose 97 cents to $ 74.95.

Outside of Japan, the ACC-Pacific Stock Index rallied 0.5pc, following three consecutive weeks of losses.

Japan’s Nike has acquired 0.4 PCs for further financial stimulus after the election of a new prime minister. Nasdaq’s future is up 0.4 PCs, and the S&P 500’s future is 0.5 PCs. The Central Bank of China has received 1.1oc Chinese blue chips as it invests more money in the financial system and investors hope to curb the decline of the Chinese Egrande group.

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