Gas is naturally the best choice for energy investors

I just can’t get enough. When I set up my columns, there was always a soundtrack going through my head, and now it was in Deephell Mode. Extreme levels of natural gas have plummeted this week, with many geographers unable to find enough. Both Asian (JKM) and European (standards) are setting new record standards. In Friday’s transaction, the title transfer facility reached an unprecedented 100 euros. We are dealing with $ 200 barrels of natural gas prices.

He is crazy.

Things have cooled a bit in U.S. trade, with contracts in Henry Hub mentioning up to $ 5.64 million per million British gallons. Beware of that contract though. Merchants do not refer to Nati as a widow. Flexibility buys the most, but look at any chart of natgas measurements and you will see a surprisingly consistent pattern. Up. Up. Up.

So the “gasoline” and the power plant in Germany, where we live in fear, are literally surrounded by gas. Coal has two main benefits depending on its sulfur content, metal content and temperature, and 70% of the old oil law is for transportation (once refined).

But there is no known human fuel that is more flexible than natural gas. According to Energy Information Administration, the electricity sector will account for 38% of the US natural gas consumption by 33% of our country’s energy by 2020. So 62% of the industry still has 33% to eat. Housing (15%); Business (10%); And transportation (3%). That little carbon atom (pure, methane form, natural gas CH4) can do a lot and can be used in many ways.

So the world cannot get enough natural gas. The current shortage in Europe is due to a secret decline in shipments from Russia’s giant Gazprom on the Jamal Peninsula. Oh, that Vladimir Putin is such a character!

Then, on Friday morning, Kathy Wood predicted that oil would be like “whale oil.” People can make funny predictions. that’s good. You can also pay ridiculous duplication for low-cost companies (I see you, Elon Musk.)

I do not care.

But there is a chance for patient investors. I will continue to play with natural gas through the players (Flex LNG will be a perfect revelation this year, and will remain one of my best stock picks. Real money Professional, Drugs (I recently played for Cobalt Oil and Gas Corporation (COG) before it was recently approved, but have not yet merged with Cimarex) and completed it in the likes of Cheniere (CQP) and Tellurian, such as Charif Souki (TELL), and Wes Eden at New Fort Energy (NFE).

I’m in Brazil right now, and I’m hit by LNG news. Brazil is even buying LNG items from Argentina this week, despite the fact that there is competition beyond the football field, and I believe there is a 0% chance that the Bolshevik government will be black before next October’s general election.

But here’s the point. About 5,000 years ago, a wise cave cut two stones together and set them on fire … and that burning force changed human history. When man learned how to use hydrocarbons in the mid-1800’s, he revolutionized the way people live, lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. Do we give all of that to make some active portfolio manager happy? No.

When people turn on the light and nothing happens, they tend to vote for a party that is not in power. When people receive huge bills, they tend to vote for the party in power. When the gas station doesn’t have gas … you get the point.

Natural gas is the future fuel for low carbon emissions. Make sure your portfolio reflects that fact, not Dusty’s future strangers.

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