Garmin Phoenix 6 Pro Solar Review

The Garmin Fēnix 6 Pro Solar isn’t something I want during sports hours. It is more convenient, efficient, and more powerful than any GPS watch I have ever encountered, with a solar charger that allows it to charge for days at a time. After using Fenix ​​6 to summarize several Colorado 14ers, walk in the dark and follow my training as I recover from injury, I could not be more surprised.

Garmin Fenix ​​6s Pro Solar Specs

  • Case sizes 42mm, 47mm, 51mm
  • Display: Power mirror. Touch screen, no color Display
  • Battery life; Based on activities. Smart clock up to 16 days with solar, GPS + music up to 10 hours, travel GPS activity in the sun up to 36 days.
  • Payment period: Approximately 2.5 hours to fully charge
  • Water resistance; 100 meters
  • Relationship: Bluetooth, ANT +, WiFi. Compatible with iPhone, Android, Garmin Connect, Garmin IQ and Garmin BaseCamp
  • Health monitoring; Heart rate, heart rate, sleep, watering, women’s health, body battery
  • Memory / history; 32 GB
  • Directions: Yes, the ability to download GPX maps from Garmin BaseCamp
  • Security features; With Selected Activities, Help, Live Event Sharing, LiveTrack

What makes a good sports watch?

“Good” is incredibly personal. Everyone’s activities and goals are from the next person, training for an iron man, running four miles for the first time, looking for encouragement to move once an hour. So, for the sake of this specific review, let me tell you a little bit about myself, what I want in GPS Smartphone and how Phoenix meets these criteria.

The first thing I want during the best sports watch is the GPS, which I believe has the ability to upload and follow my own GPS maps. I live in Colorado, and I first became interested in this pioneer search and hike, as well as several days of back-to-back hiking at this Garmin Smartphone. GPS watch must have a battery life of at least one day to do this successfully. As a runner almost every day, I need a watch that is compatible with my music skills and is compatible with Bluetooth headphones. Data collection is great, but I want to be able to do something with it. Training information and goal setting are more important to me than the many hours of exercise, such as calorie counting and general fitness.

I got the Fenix ​​6 Pro Solar test unit from Garmin, and in this review, I will actually test and critique the product on the above criteria. Deliberately – I did not open the Fenix ​​6 box without much knowledge about the product, and this review is my experience of learning in real time.

First impressions of Garmin Phoenix 6s

You need to make time to learn this hour. I spent the afternoon reading user guides, studying the Garmin website, watching YouTube tutorials, and reading Reddit threads about the features of the watch. This tool is worth your time and energy. Once you start researching, you will realize how much you have to learn, break free and benefit from. If you have the best GPS watches on the market, you should take the time to learn how to use it.

Testing GPS on the mountain

There are a few key things in this world that make me very bad. And as an outsider, I admit that staying on the road is one of them. So, I’m looking forward to going out with Phoenix GPS, constantly looking for maps.

To test GPS capabilities for real (but safe) testing, I downloaded GPX maps from Garmin BaseCamp on a local 14,000ft mountain that I had never walked before. On the morning of the week, I knew that I was one of the few hikers on the mountain and that I would not respect anyone once I started moving. After reading the description of the road – knowing it was in my comfort zone – I decided to rely on Fenix ​​6 to show the way. What stands out at this point is its proximity to a nearby mining town, so the road is full of sophisticated structures, roads, and steep paths. The GPX map I downloaded to Phoenix kept me on track – even though I believed I was going to go the other way – and he even let me know when I left school.

Garmin Fenix ​​6s GPS feature
As you travel, the Fenix ​​6 Solar Pro will continue to charge. Samantha Silverman

Although single walking (especially at some high altitude) is not recommended, in my experience, I was very comfortable with the Garmin Fenix ​​6s (considering its emergency features) for directions on this route. That same week, another group and I were off the road at about 4:30 am on another mountain. In the dense area of ​​Collegiate Peaks Wilderness, it only took a few minutes to return to class because Phoenix showed us that we had already crossed the stream and returned to the screen.

In terms of navigation, I definitely pushed this clock to the limit. Even in the vast open fields where you still have to study the road and bring in a map other than Phoenix, Phoenix still serves as a general guide to some loose, Part 3 (shaking, strong, wireless climbing). Although I can’t rely on Phoenix as my sole guide at this stage of the walk, I’m glad it still gave me an overview of the route when deciding which lanes to take.

Phoenix has significantly improved my walking experience, and is the best GPS watch for my hiking. And if you want to travel with an extended backpack, “Travel Mode” collects your GPS points once an hour, and you can stay in the latter country for up to 36 days.

Garmin Phoenix GPS Smart Watch helps you navigate the mountains
To explore the San Juan Mountains on the Phoenix 6 skating rink. Samantha Silverman

Try Fenix ​​6 from the mountain

Running around the park next to my house every day is incredibly boring, and this summer I found my training ground boring. Since there is limited time to run during the day, new routes are sometimes unrealistic. But it doesn’t just tell you what kind of race you should run on that day, based on your past activities and training goals, but also where you are now, how much you want to run and if you have one, you need one lap or one lane.

And when you take it home, the Garmin Fenix ​​6s is just as superior. In the climbing gym, the clock separates indoor climbing (top rope, pencil, etc.) and stone slabs. As I picked up the Phoenix Rock at the local climbing gym, I went through every difficulty as far as I could go, and he gave me every option to save. I felt this little labor, so I just stood there and started one way with a problem because I knew that day would be my average. When fully utilized, however, you can find the most accurate information about your mountains and use them to set goals in the same or similar ways.

Another key feature of Phoenix, such as “30 Minutes Explosion” and “Raise Your Upper Body” (not to mention the yoga lessons), is pre-loaded under animated sports. For a “free” strength workout, similar to a stone wall, I feel a little overwhelmed to watch every set on my watch, but if you want to keep track of all your workouts, it’s there.

Garmin Phoenix 6 Pre-loaded fitness feature
Fenix ​​6 gives you pre-loaded animated sports. Samantha Silverman

Phoenix’s health monitoring capabilities are more than impressive. Because I wear phoenix regularly, I prefer to be at a reasonable time and sleep more than ever. At the top of the sleep monitor, Fenix ​​monitors your body battery to determine your current energy level and how often you decide to recover from training. You can also monitor your heart rate and pulse, weather, notifications and play your offline music on the main menu screen. With the GarminConnect app, you can register your shower and monitor your menstrual cycle.

Garmin knows that all of these factors affect training, regardless of the sport you choose. Your activity should show you through the suggested exercises, body batteries and training conditions for that day. It’s a fitness tracker, running clock, GPS and so on – simultaneous “smart watch”.

Phoenix 6 makes the best

If you consider yourself an athlete, Fenix ​​6 can provide you with not only a great deal of knowledge about your body, but also tools to explore a variety of movements and landscapes. The only training I received then was the Fenix ​​6 exploring Colorado to give me a sense of security, and as I mentioned above, I would not travel again without downloading a GPX map on my Garmin.

I can’t write this review without highlighting one of the key features of the Garmin Fenix ​​6s – the daily “Recommended Sports”. Unlike some exercise hours that increase your calorie and exercise goals each week, Phoenix tells me that I need to take a recovery day or maintain my current level of activity when I am overweight (unless you are inactive). Especially when I try phoenix on top of my ankle recovery, I’m trying to stay in my “repair” and “recovery” zone to make sure I’m not in danger of hurting myself again. I have set up a “base” less than usual due to injury, so as I begin to recover and increase my strength, Phoenix is ​​helping me to do it slowly.

Suggestions for Garmin Fenix ​​6s
Instead of setting similar goals every day, Garmin will let you know when to take a day off to recover. Samantha Silverman

If you ask someone else to write this review, their activities, categories, and highlights will look completely different. There is plenty to explore, and there is plenty of room to make this watch work for you in the ways you need it. Since I do not have a port, I have never used surfing, or have never played golf before, but I feel that I am taking full advantage of this unique versatility, even if I do not see the movement.

Phoenix 6 Worst

The Garmin Fenix ​​6s is very expensive, to say the least. Although you get a standard model without premium features, you are still making a major investment. If you only want a watch that monitors your activity and communicates with your phone, go for something more recognizable and less trivial.

What is the verdict on the Garmin Fenix ​​6s?

If any of the above sounds like you – and you have the means – yes, any Fenix ​​6 variant for your best smartphone (with Fenix ​​6 Solar Pro at the top of the list). I can’t go any further, and that’s only after a month of use this summer. So, watch what Phoenix 6 Solar Pro does in the snow. Let’s meet in February, ready for my ski resort maps loaded and ready to go for a snowboard GPS.

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