Gabon monitors gas transition as gas power –

Technology Group Wärtsilä submits, supplies, builds, operates and operates a 120 MW gas power plant with the Gabonese Power Company.

Wrrtsilä On September 22, he signed a concession agreement with the government of Gabon. He is co-leading the development of the project with Gabon Power Company (GPC). The technology team will build the plant entirely under the EPC contract and then operate and maintain it under a 15-year OMA agreement.

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The factory is located in the Owndo Industrial Estate near the capital, Libreville. Once commissioned, the Sociote de Energe and Deu do Gabon (SEEG) will provide electricity to Gabon. The hydropower project represents the largest sub-Saharan African and Gabonese energy infrastructure project.

According to GCC General Manager Marceline Massila Akendeneg, the country is facing a shortage of supply and electricity demand year after year.

“This project will play a key role in alleviating this gap, and 600,000 people will benefit from a more sustainable and economical electricity supply to SEEG. The factory will replace the leased assets with SEEG and will bring significant benefits in line with Gabon’s sustainability aspirations, ”he said.

Construction of the project is under the framework of a public-private partnership and the property will be handed over to Gabonese authorities at the end of the agreement.

Approved by the Council of Ministers In May 2021, the Concession Agreement was approved by the President, Prime Minister and relevant Ministries, and received full support from the Government of Gabon.

According to Wirzil የሚገኘው in West Africa, it includes 440 plants with 946 motors generating 4,928 MW in 34 countries. In Gabon, Wärtsilä has a long-standing presence in projects sent and contracted with SEEG and private energy companies.

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