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Basically, as was the case last week, oil prices are poised to make big gains, with international standards rising to more than $ 72 per barrel and WTI to $ 69 per barrel.

A fire at Mexico’s Ku-Malob-Zap beach platform has temporarily forced the release of workers from production sites in the Gulf of Mexico, disrupting supply to 400,000 B / d.

Congo wants to evaluate Chinese steel. The government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is reviewing 6 billion mineral deals with the Congolese mining sector, citing concerns that “the Congo has not benefited enough”.

Phillips 66 Louisiana puts the filter on sale. Philips 66 (NYSE: PSX) has announced that it will sell its 255kbpd Alliance filter in Louisiana. The 50-year-old factory produces gasoline and diesel for the domestic market.

PDVSA will launch 20 million barrels in September. V&V Platts reports that VDVSA, a Venezuelan state oil company, will charge $ 20 to $ 41 a barrel of crude oil to lift in September. July flow 520 kPa.

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India to increase Elgin import capacity. India to launch 5mtpa LNG import terminal in West Gujarat next year, with private investor Swan Energy (NS: SWAN) planning to complete it by next March. Government companies IOC, Bharat Petroleum and ONGC all lease Swan capacity 1mtpa per year.

CNC Announces Big Shale Search. The Chinese state-owned oil company CPCC has discovered a large shale oil field near Daking Petroleum (China’s largest oil field) and is expected to store up to 1.27 billion tons. If the CNC is able to manage the complex geology of the given farmland, it is possible to see as much as possible.

EU rules to apply to Nord Stream 2. In the German district court of St. Eldorf in Germany, EU gas regulations (ie, pipeline owners must be separate from suppliers) must apply to the completed Nord Stream 2 pipeline, ie Gazprom (MCX: GAZP).

BPP drives Rumalan to a different entity. The UK-based BSE (BSE) has completed the acquisition of Rumala, one of the world’s largest oil companies, as it seeks to reduce its carbon footprint. Total scope of activities.

Rosneft wants to export pipeline gas. Russian state oil company Rosneft (MCX: ROSN) has asked Russian President Putin to allow them to export 10 biscuits a year under an agreement reached with Gazprom.

China needs more pipeline gas. China’s CPCP (SHA: 601857) It is drilling three new “complex” production wells in the Galkynysh gas field in Turkmenistan. At a time when LNG prices are rising sharply, China is increasing its supply of cheap pipelines.

Europe’s largest lithium project provokes outrage Anglo-Australian miner Rio Tinto (ASX: RIO) has sparked controversy in Serbia over the 2.4 billion Jadar project, which is expected to be Europe’s largest after reaching 58,000 tons of battery capacity. Level lithium carbonate.

Asian charcoal can be decoded from gas prices. Despite rising gas prices after the summer, coal prices are likely to rise in the coming weeks, especially as more large-scale exports in Asia (due to economic inadequacies) increase further tightening. To offshore supplies.

Ecuador wants to leave the Mexican coast. The Norwegian Petroleum Corporation (NYSE: EQNR) As part of its desire to be net zero by 2050, it is to release the Mexican Basin sector, but has yet to find suitable buyers for its assets: Autonomous Block 01 and Block 03 in the Salina Basin.

China introduces its own sodium-ion technology. China’s largest battery manufacturer CATL (SHE: 300750) last month unveiled the new sodium-ion batteries, with the government looking to introduce the new technology in 14 of them.Th Five-year economic plan as it seeks to move away from traditional batteries such as cobalt or lithium.

South Africa needs more nuclear power. South Africa’s energy regulator Pretoria has backed the government’s plan to build more nuclear power plants in the country, away from coal (still 80 percent of total production). Attempts to enter nuclear power have been thwarted by corruption scandals.

Santos has been charged with aggravated assault. Australia’s environmental group has accused the country’s second gas producer, Santos (ASX: STO), of “zero fraud” by 2040. This refers to the first issue to challenge the validity of one’s intentions.

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