Fuel, diesel prices because global crude oil is volatile. Check out the latest rates

World oil prices have fluctuated for three weeks. View the latest fuel and diesel rates.

Oil and diesel prices remain stable on Friday. (Photo Reuters)

Oil prices remained unchanged on Friday as covalent prices in some parts of the world worsened and concerns over demand soared. Oil and gas prices in the country remained unchanged for 27 days.

Fuel costs 101.84 rubles per liter in Delhi and 108 rubles per liter in Mumbai. In Kolkata and Chennai, it costs 102 rubles per liter. There are two dozen cities that sell more than 100 birr per liter of fuel.

Diesel prices are also high as state-owned oil companies continue to sell higher prices for petrol and diesel. It sells for 89.87 rubles per liter in the national capital, which is relatively low in most cities. Diesel prices have gone up by more than 90 rupees in all major cities of the country.

While international oil prices remain volatile, state-run oil companies (OMCs) have not yet cut prices. OMCs are looking forward to a more immersive global oil prices.

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Expect a long-term drop in fuel prices

Long-term delays in oil prices are not good for citizens or the economy, but they are still at risk of inflation and declining demand.

Experts say that after the outbreak of the epidemic, high oil prices could significantly reduce economic recovery in the long run.

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While retail inflation fell for less than 6 percent for the first time in three months in July, companies have no choice but to raise commodity prices, which could lead to a sharp rise in oil prices.

Oil prices are likely to fall sharply if the government does not reduce its excise duty on oil. Many government officials have said that excise taxes cannot be reduced due to the high cost of VV aid and mass vaccinations.

Even regional governments have rejected the idea of ​​lowering VAT on oil prices. In such cases, only OMCs will be able to provide some rest by reducing the price of gasoline and diesel as part of the daily review.

Oil rates in Indian cities



Diesel (in liters)


101.84 rubles

89.87 rubles


107.83 rubles

97.45 rubles


102.49 rubles

94.39 rubles


102.08 rubles

93.02 rubles


110.20 rubles

98.67 rubles


105.25 rubles

95.26 rubles


104.25 rubles

95.57 rubles

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