Fuel and diesel prices remain unchanged for the 2nd straight day. Check out the latest rates

State-owned oil companies remained weak on international crude oil prices, but remained unchanged on Tuesday. View the latest fuel and diesel rates.

Oil and gas prices remain unchanged on Tuesday. (Photo Reuters)

Global crude oil prices have fallen sharply, but oil prices remained stable on Tuesday. Oil and diesel prices remained stable for two days after Sunday’s review.

World crude oil prices have plummeted today, with Saudi Arabia slashing major Asian contracts, according to Reuters. Reduction in Oil Prices Government-run oil companies help reduce oil and gas prices.

It currently sells 101.19 rubles per liter in New Delhi and 107.26 rubles per liter in Mumbai. Prices reached 98.96 rubles per liter in China and 101.62 rubles in Kolkata. Despite recent reductions, there are many cities where fuel costs more than $ 100 a liter.

Despite recent reductions, diesel prices have risen in many parts of the country. Retail trade will continue at 88.62 per liter in the national capital and 96.19 per liter in Mumbai. Prices in Kolkata fell to Rs 91.71 per liter, while Chennai dropped to Rs 93.26.

Despite weak international crude oil prices, domestic oil prices have not seen a significant decline in the past few weeks. While state-run oil companies offered some relief, the reductions did not provide much relief to citizens.

Despite rising fuel prices, demand for fuel has risen sharply as more people choose private vehicles after the outbreak. However, the demand for diesel remains relatively weak, indicating the speed of economic recovery.

Oil and diesel prices in major Indian cities



Diesel (by Lita)

New Delhi

101.19 rubles

R. 88.62


107.26 rubles

R. 96.19



R. 93.40


101.62 rubles

R. 91.71


104.70 rubles



104.12 rubles

R. 94.86


109.91 rubles

R. 97.68

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