FSG completes indoor air quality improvement project at Harford Community College

Published October 20, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. EDT|Updated 1 hour ago

Bell Air, m., October 20, 2021 (PRNewswire) – Facility Solutions Group (FGS) announces completion of a project today Harford Community College (HCC) b Bell Air, MD. The project will include the installation of real-time indoor air quality (II) upgrades in campus facilities. In addition, FSG provided the school with a number of ultraviolet light cartridges.

This project will allow the school to provide fresh air on campus buildings and ensure that the measures improve IAQ.

Most of the project was completed in the summer, and the system will be operational during the fall semester to ensure minimal interference with students and teachers. FSG has worked with campus operations and maintenance personnel to install Nodlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) units to control airflow in HVC controllers and classrooms as well as on campus buildings.

NPB is a technology that uses electronic payment to create a plasma field full of positive and negative ions. The ions help to reproduce fine micron particles, which in turn combine. Ions destroy pathogens by stealing life-saving hydrogen particles.

The sensors work on Lovan, a long-distance network independent of the campus WiFi network. The LoRaWAN network allows real-time sensor information to be collected from multiple locations around the campus on the phone, desktop or device dashboard. With this fully integrated network of immunization equipment, sensors and monitors, campus staff can ensure superior air quality in every campus building.

Completion of this project will provide the school with fresh air on campus buildings and Verification The measures are improving IAQ as promised. It shows a complete reduction in viral load caused by UV carts and NPBI Harford Community College Commitment to providing a safe, clean environment for students, visitors and staff. Visit the FSG website to learn more about contractor cleaning technology www.fsg.com Or call (877) 373-1443.

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In Care Of Harford Community College: Harford Community College It is a viable, open-access institution that offers approximately 8,100 full- and part-time loan students, as well as 90+ equivalent degree and certification programs per year for more than 9,200 students without credit for human resource development and community education courses.

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