From The Editor – This semester is weird. Help us by sharing.

In college, I received more than just a fair share of high school, “First Day” songs and dances. But, all things considered, no first day – or even a week – can be measured until 2021.

They are students at Ohio University come back Power to all parts that are going on in different modes. While some courses are being taught in person or in mixed format, some courses remain online, with or without synchronization. Most students have a mix of those metaphors, which means they all walk around the campus.

Living out of campus last year allowed me to see how empty the campus was during a major cholera epidemic. Now the campus is full of energy and seeing students again is fun and unpredictable. The lines in the coffee shops are long, the bakery elevators are congested, and the dining hall’s reserve is extended. While there may be some symptoms when everyone returns, it is good to see some signs of life before the epidemic returns, such as hugging friends or obstacles that many students see around campus.

But it is also strange. Very strange. Most high school students did not receive physical education for more than a year. For all others, the feeling of being a New Year student Everything that is lost in the yard is very real. Both junior and high school students have a full year of campus experience. In the meantime, what does it mean for fresh students to be in college not only during the transition but also during the epidemic?

Class is the second week, but some things still feel out of place. We are all physically struggling to live in the day-to-day running of a human college, and we are entering the gates with stickers saying, “Just get out.” Although they have returned to their “normal state,” they feel that very few things are normal.

That is the right feeling Post He is here to report. As the first and foremost newspaper to be the voice of all students on campus, we are paying close attention to what is happening in the first two weeks of school and listening to those around us on social media. We are thinking of news tips, project ideas and chasing breaking news. You can count on us to get reliable reports and information throughout the year.

However, some reports do not occur without discussions with our news outlets and individuals in our community. We always accept News Tips. Anonymous tips can be left to us Google Form, And any other recommendations can be sent You can also call 740-566-8717.

Additionally, letters can be sent to the editor Tell us about events on campus or Athens that you are worried about or affected by 1,000 words or less. As we all continue to walk the epidemic, much is happening on campus, and hearing from different students will help us to perpetuate this crazy, unusual experience. Let’s write these stories together.

Abby Miller is a senior lecturer and editor in journalism and political science at the University of Ohio Post. Do you have any questions? Email Abby Or tweet her @abblawrence.

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