From the archives: Vartmem ad advises cyclists to eat energy-rich biscuits

Artistic Gateaux from the Encyclopedia of Cookies, 1893.

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The Highland Archive does not collect newspapers, but some may be found in other collections. This includes a selection of northern chronicles covering the Inverness and the Highlands.

Old newspaper advertisements are a rich source of information on what people eat and drink, and special needs come from years of war.

In such an advertisement in the North Chronicle, written in June 1944, the reader was told that biscuits were considered a healthy snack!

Bicycle explosions were being practiced, and cyclists were advised to store and eat energy-rich biscuits to maintain sufficient energy for commuting to and from work.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, the Highland Archives have had a copy of the Encyclopedia of Cookies since 1893.

The book is thousands of recipes AZ, decorated with holiday illustrations, and a wide range of desserts.

At the back of the book are some of the most popular dinners around the world.

This includes the Aberdeen Port Commissioners Election Dinner and the annual Grand Dinner of the Chicago Grand Pacific Hotel.

Many courses are offered, such as “Elk Waist”, “Cinnamon Bear”, “Asplas Lobster La La Royal” and “Sweet Bread with Trafil”.

Many of the recipes described in the book, which were good for the day but were available to even the poorest families, now look like ordinary salads, breast patty, black bird cake and vinegar. We can safely say that the flavors have changed somewhat, but if you want to try these recipes you know where to find them!

Menu for the 100th Annual Dinner and Dance for IRAs March 3, 1972.
Menu for the 100th Annual Dinner and Dance for IRAs March 3, 1972.

The menus are an amazing record of how the taste has changed over the years. On March 3, 1972, I Welders hosted a dinner and dance to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary.

The event was held in the Inverness at the Caledonia Hotel.

Wine cocktail for beginners Traditional options, Scottish soup or lollipops followed by Aberdeen King beef in all flavors.

To lighten the meal, guests can choose between Peach Melba, Apple Cake, Ala Mood or Vanilla Ice. And for those who are not full after their meal, a dance night awaits them.

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