From 4% to 45% – Biden offers a big plan for solar energy

One thing for the administration is that the price of solar panels has fallen sharply over the past decade, making it the cheapest source of energy in many parts of the country. In recent years, the use of solar and wind power has grown faster than most government and independent analysts expect.

“One of the things we expect people to see and take from this report is that the grid is affordable,” said Beka Jones Albert, director of the Office of Solar Energy Technology at the Department of Electricity. “The grid remains secure. We just need to build. ”

The United States needs to take immediate action to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, especially since climate change is costly. “The country and the world are in danger,” said Mr. Biden during a visit to assess the damage caused by the torrential rains in New Jersey and New York on Tuesday.

Some recent natural disasters are compounded by the weaknesses of the energy system. Ida, for example, caused severe damage to the power grid in Louisiana, where hundreds of thousands of people had been without power for days. Last winter, a hurricane swept across Texas for days. And in California, firearms killed scores of people and destroyed thousands of homes and businesses.

Mr. Beden wants to use tax credits to encourage the use of solar systems and batteries in homes, businesses and utilities. The administration also wants local governments to speed up obtaining permits and building solar projects — in some places, for example, it can take months to install panels on a family home. And the authorities want to give various incentives to consumers to encourage the use of solar energy.

Mr. Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm said part of the administration’s strategy is a clean electricity bill, which will include renewable energy on the grid, including rooftops. Many consumer companies have struggled with roof solar panels because they see a threat to their business and build large solar farms that they own and control.

“Both have to happen, and the resources are motivated to raise barriers,” Granhol said. We have to do a series of things.

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