French, German classes will continue for at least 1 year at Grater Latrobe Schools.

At the Greer Latrobe School District, administrators of the French and German language programs took a year off before they could consider switching to online education.

With relatively low district enrollment in French and German courses compared to Spanish, Georgia Tapert, the superintendent of the bilingual curriculum, announced in May that he intends to discontinue classes in both languages ​​from 2022-23.

This week, the tape district says it will delay any distance learning to the next school year.

She told the school board that she would continue to work for France and Germany for the 2022-23 school year.

“It will give our teachers in Germany and France another year to work on promoting their programs,” said Tapert.

According to the district plan presented last summer, students entering the seventh grade in 2022-23 will be limited to Spanish only as a world language choice – French or German may be affiliated with online education or a local college starting ninth grade.

Incoming seventh graders will now be allowed to enroll in France, Germany, or Spain next year.

This year, 567 students in grades 7-12 are enrolled in 133 courses in Spanish and 112 in German.

French teacher Jan Stuart, who is a retired member of the School of Linguistics in the Hempfield Area School District and an assistant professor at Seton Hill University, has agreed to work with Gretter Latrob Faculty to increase enrollment, says Tapper.

Stuart, a former president of the Pennsylvania State Languages ​​Association, said more than 6,000 foreign businesses in the state are 22 percent German-speaking and 28 percent French-speaking – less than 1% of Spanish-speaking countries.

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