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Madison: Liberty Middle School is recognized as the 2020-2021 Project Roadmap or PLTW Special School.

PLTW is one of 158 middle schools in the United States that has received this award for its wide access to change learning opportunities for Gateway students. The nonprofit PLTW serves millions of American students and teachers from 12th grade.

“PLTW Special School Recognition honors schools committed to increasing student access, participation, and achievement in their PLTW programs,” said Jodi Jones. Jones is the director of the Independent Technical Department.

To be eligible for appointment, Freedom had to meet certain requirements:

* Have more than 50 percent student involvement in the 2019-2020 school year.

* About 25 percent of high school students enroll in high school or higher.

* Provide at least one PLTW gateway unit for each class.

* Implement strategies and policies that support rational representation of race, ethnicity, poverty, and gender. Prove these claims with relevant information.

To provide equitable access to PLTW classes, Freedom promotes these classes throughout the curriculum evenings in grades 6-8. “During the school evening, on social media and on our website, we will share a summary of each PLTW course,” Jones said. We have also added PLTW course offerings for the past four consecutive years so students have a variety of options to choose from.

The PLTW course fee is minimal (maximum $ 10 to no). To promote multiple enrollments, administrators will ask PLTW teachers to share a presentation highlighting each course curriculum and student’s final projects.

We too are anxious. . . PLTW courses are project-based instruction in the school setting and are not projects to be completed independently at home, ”Jones said. Madison City Schools provides all technology, equipment and supplies.

Enrollment in Liberty’s PLTW courses is growing every year. Many students enroll in a number of PLTW courses in middle school for all three years. We also offer virtual PLTW courses with Covid-19 in 2020. We are fortunate to have our district and school administration fully support our growing PLTW course curriculum and allow our courses to continually participate in PLTW professional development to expand our PLTW offerings to ensure that the courses meet the needs and needs of students. ”

Nine Liberty Teachers are trained in PLTW courses in green architecture, technology science, computer science creators and makers, app creators, energy and environment, design and modeling, electronics magic, robotics, flight and space, medical researchers and engineering.

“Despite the unusual circumstances and special challenges that COVID-19 poses to the educational landscape, it is a great honor to be recognized for its unwavering commitment to providing a great learning experience,” said PLTW President Dr. Vin Bertrand. . “(Freedom teachers) should be very proud of their success in empowering their students and enriching them in the classroom – no matter which career path they choose.”

Shannon Brown serves as the head of the Liberation Front.

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