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Freezing crosses the line between rain and rainwater, bringing more marine noise and weight to marine life. In addition, it requires a small tool holder to get started.

Snorkeling is a great way to see marine life and truly dive into the underwater world. However, if you feel trapped on the surface of the water and are deeply in love with animals or structures, liberation may be the next step.

Freediving is pretty self-explanatory; It involves deep breathing that takes a long time to dig deep into the food. In addition to breathing, regular exercise helps you to engage only the necessary muscles, which saves oxygen.

Special gears, especially the long-blade swimming wings, allow divers to move more efficiently. Here are some key tips on how to get started, so you can plan and find out if liberation is right for you.

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Caution: Freedom is a dangerous act by nature. Proper training and education is essential before attempting extreme freedom, as it may result in disability and / or drowning.

What is liberation?

Freedom Eating in deep waters has been an age-old practice. It hits a sweet spot between rain and rain, opening up more underwater adventures and experiences.

As an introduction to freedom, we focus on leisure freedom, not too deep. There are many styles of freedom, including wearing weight belts to help you dive.

To this end, a rope and overly long wings return to the surface without using as much energy and oxygen. Freezing is also a priority for grass fishing.

Rope learning was already in the background. Knowledge is deceived by those who have more experience. Fortunately, for everyone’s safety, there are many components that make basic knowledge accessible and integrated.

Freedom and secrecy

Why the liberator? With some basic breathing skills and a safety course, they open up the aquatic creatures. The lack of bubbles (like scuba diving) allows you to swim closely with wildlife and is one of the reasons photographers and other equipment choose to release their equipment.

Freezing is also more accessible and affordable than diving into Suba. The safety course is not as participatory, and there are very few tools. This makes it a more convenient way to explore the vast waters.

He said most of the courses are designed to guide people into deep waters Free Teacher Chad Bagwell. He and other certified teachers cover safety, equipment, physiology, and techniques in their classroom.

“You sit in class, you learn some things,” he said. “You do some exercises in the water and then you go to the pool and do those exercises. Then, under extreme pressure, they move to different depths of freedom.

Freediver mask and snorkel
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To get a quick overview below and better understand the ideas involved in improving your liberation skills and security. A Free course It will help you understand the pressure physics, how it changes at different depths, and hydrodynamics in the game.

There are other ideas, such as marine life, storms, and weather conditions and conditions.

Breathe deeply

If you spend a penny under the pool during the summer, you may be able to hold your breath longer and get deeper. Because it requires practice and training.

Freedom begins with Breathing, And there are many introductions online to help you build on how long your breath will last. From there, it is about maintaining energy and air intake activities.

Breathing deeply and breathing is called dry training. Wet training is taking place in a pond or open water. This is not the case even if you hold your breath in the pool for sure. We do not recommend that you go to water-based techniques until you have taken a course.

“The main danger of liberation is blackness and shortness of breath, which we call hypoxic phenomena. If you don’t know what to do next, you will drown, and they may not come back, ”Bagwell said.

“Second, it’s about a good team, because he drives the boat. It is a real danger for an inexperienced (or distracted) captain to hit the boat when he is on board or to leave when the group is overwhelmed.

In one second

There is a big misconception that there is no way for Bagwell to open up your mind. Instead, there are many small things that can be added over time with training and experience.

There is a complete technique for it. It’s important, but it’s your tool, how you step on it, your body position and your mental state, and it’s all about taking a few extra seconds with each one, ”Bagwell said.

The most important tool is actually your body. Risks of miscarriage clearly include trauma to the ears and sinuses – passing and drowning. And deep down, for advanced divers, introduce the pressure into a formula.

Holding your breath in place, usually below the surface of the water, is called immobile apnea. Then, active apnea introduces oxygen-fast swimming activities.

Buddy Up

You should only be released by a trained partner. In addition to being able to save you from the water, this person can help you make a diving plan and make decisions. During long breaths, friends control you – and running time – through regular contact (through the pipes) during wet training.

You and your friend need to keep an eye on each other in recreational hacking. That’s the rule, “One is up, one is down,” and, of course, you must both rest and recover before the person goes down again.

Advanced dives can penetrate deeper and deeper into the abyss. At this depth, gravity begins and it is easy to go down. Experienced divers, even liberators Free fall, They remain inactive as they float to retain oxygen.

Freedive Essential Gear

Ocean makes a free kit for beginners. The Savior’s line includes masks, breaths, and wings, each of which is engraved with blue camo to distinguish it from other diving gear lines.

Hunter mask

Ocean Hunter Mask

This free diving mask has a minimalist design to help you look your best. Irritated and tinted lenses will hide your eyes from hunting if you are trying to live with the guardian’s name. The brand combines the convenience and ease of use of soft compression technology with silent functionality.

Hunter free flood fin

Ocean Hunter Fin

Of Savior Fin It uses a full-foot design, comes in five sizes, and has a heel tab to turn them off and off. The long, rib cages and side rails are designed to use the power of your steps while adding stability to your movements.

Hunter Snorkel

Ocean Hunter Breath

If it is broken, do not repair it. Hunter Snorkel is a simple and straightforward J-shaped soup design with no valves or separable parts.

Hunter free bag

Ocean Hunter Free Diving Bag

This collection of ocean bags is designed to accommodate the long hunter’s free clues. And it has a mask for the line and a pocket for breathing. It can be carried on the upper arm or shoulder strap.

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Whether you are an experienced scuba diver or a swimmer who wants to explore the ocean and swim more freely, it offers a unique experience.

Overall, the Free Kit is a reasonable introduction to a new (but classic) navigation method. Training can begin with breathing, safe course and swimming before being submerged in rainwater.

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Free wet clothes wings and mask
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This article is sponsored by Ocean. Learn more about him Hunter free tool.

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