Free digital skills training for adults is provided in f field

People can enroll on topics ranging from solar installation to coding and software development.

The South Yorkshire Union, led by Shefield College, was selected as part of the Government’s Life Skills Assurance and Plan for Skills Button Campus.

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Digital skills training courses are designed to help adults improve their careers (Photo – Ryan Blackwood – Butterfly Wedding Movies)

The government has announced the expansion of skills boot camp training programs across the country, allowing an additional 16,000 fully funded adult rehearsals or rehearsals.

The expansion covers a wide range of digital and technical training in green skills, including solar power, sustainable agriculture, nuclear power and green transportation, as well as code and software development, so many adults have access to the skills and training. They need direct employment.

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The move comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson on July 15, 2021, emphasized the need to increase the value of practical and vocational education by guaranteeing life skills.

Skills Boot Camps are flexible courses of up to 16 weeks that give you the opportunity to develop sector-specific skills and quickly follow up with an interview with a local employer.

The free vocational training program, funded by the Government’s National Skills Fund, aims to help adults aged 19 and over improve their employment.

The training is open to adults who have been employed, self-employed, employed or unemployed for the past 12 months.

Starting September 2021, the college will provide skill boot cameras with digital skills supported by employers.

Special Skills Boot camps include infrastructure technician, software development technician and cyber security technology expert.

Andrew Hartley, director of business and executive at Shefield College, says: “There is a strong demand for higher digital skills from employers. We look forward to supporting more adults in their careers as part of a broader skill-based recovery from the cholera epidemic.

F Field College is a leading provider of South Yorkshire Skills Button Campus in a combination of digital skills that includes Barnsley College, RNN Team, Sheffield Halam University and the Developer Academy.

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