France’s Lee Penn said she would bring down wind turbines if selected

French right-wing National Assembly leader Marie Le Penn on the results of the second round of the French regional and departmental elections in Nanterre, Paris, France, June 27, 2021. REUTERS / Sarah Meyssonnier / File photo

PARIS, Oct. 14 (Reuters) – French right-wing presidential candidate Marin told Penn on Thursday that it would suspend all subsidies for renewable energy and that French wind turbines would go down next year.

Lee Penn, who is running for the National Assembly in April, will run in the by-elections. He has reached the second round of the 2017 election, and is expected to do so again, although some recent polls suggest right-wing star Eric Zemmor could use her better. Read more

“Wind and sun, these forces are not renewable, they are rare. If I am elected, I will stop building all new wind farms and start a big project to demolish them, ”she told RTL Radio.

She added that she would cancel subsidies for wind and solar, which would add up to six or seven billion euros a year.

Environment Minister Barbara Pompeii rejected Lee Penn’s statement on Twitter. Pomfili said: “Destroying French wind turbines would cost us at least eight percent of our electricity.

Lee Penn also said that the French nuclear industry, which was proposed by President Emmanuel Macron, would allow the construction of several new power plants, major upgrades of existing French ships and support the construction of small modular power plants.

This week, for the French economy, the 2030 roadmap Macron provided billions of euros in support for electric vehicles, the nuclear industry and green hydrogen – along with nuclear energy – but did not mention much about renewable energy. Read more

France produces about 75% of its energy from nuclear power plants, which means it has the lowest carbon emissions per capita in any developed country. However, investment in wind and solar is far behind in Germany and other European countries.

There is an active anti-wind movement in the right and center, especially in support of conservative presidential candidate Xavier Bertrand. Read more

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