Four were suffocated and died after injecting toxic gases into Noah’s ark

Police say four people are believed to have died after inhaling toxic gases into a well in the village of Numeka, about 100 miles[100 km]from Gurugram. The results of the autopsy are awaited.

Residents say two of the dead, Jamshad (45) and Shahid (22), first went into the well for repairs but could not get out. Two others who had come to rescue them were trapped and died. They say that the well was 12-15 feet deep.

Shahid and Jamshid were cleaning the well and digging to push the pipe inside. On one occasion, Jamshed, a borehole mechanic, plunged into a narrow pit. “The rope used to go down was wet, and the first person to enter the well seemed to be unconscious due to the poison gas. Others have gone in to save him, but they have not been able to get out, ”said Tallim Ahmed, a Nemka resident and lawyer for the High Court.

When the first two men could not get up, two others, Zakir (25) and Yahya (19), entered the pit. The four men could not get out of the pit, so there was panic among the people. We were so scared that no one else was ready to go in. So we used ropes and tools to get out of the pit. We rushed them to the Civil Hospital in Nahana, ”said Arshad Hussein, a resident of Nemka.

According to police, the preliminary investigation revealed that the borehole, which was built on a private farm outside the village, was not working. The landowner called the workers to clean the well. “Four people seem to have died of suffocation, but the exact cause of death is known,” Prime Minister Fasi said.

Noah’s Superintendent Narennd Bijarnia said the case was being investigated and that initial investigations showed that the victims had died of suffocation. “After the autopsy, we will find out the exact cause of death,” he said.

The bodies will be handed over after the investigation, police said.


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